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Bad Otis Link Elephant No Show Lite

There’s an old saying from out east of the north country, beside the two hills that smelled like garlic. It’s funnier if you were actually there, but the closer you got to the zoo near sunset, is when the colors on the elephants look frikken crazy. Pink “elee’s, purple ”elee’s” ... grab a stool with a seatbelt before Bad Otis Link’s colors and art grab ahold of you too. These No Show socks for men and women feature artwork from Bad Otis Link and are perfect for high-performance action sports, plugging away at work, and everyday adventures. MERGE4 Lites have the same great arch support, sole padding, comfort and durability with a lighter fabric on top for extra breathability.
42% Cotton 48% Polyester 7% Nylon 3% Lycra
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Features • Silicone grips to prevent slippage • Soft and flexible cuff for easy entry • Interior cuff quotes, inspired by the sock’s graphic • Technically advanced yarns for ultimate stretch and comfortable fit • Arch support keeps sock in place and helps prevent slippage (even when wearing a larger size) • Hand linked toe for seamless fit and extra comfort • Yarns knitted with Graphics in mind, using Merge4’s Cult Weave design to hold the graphics’s integrity while stretched • Y-Heel Pocket improves fit and comfort • Knit/Terry dual layer Comfort Combo underfoot wicks moisture and creates a padded sole for added comfort, impact protection and fit
Quote Mediocrity is the elephant in the room
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