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Skyler the Surfing Dog

Swept away from the shady turf of a cattle ranch to the sunny surf of the California coast - Skyler the Surfing Dog is a badass Queensland Heeler who rides waves with Homer Henard. Skyler was a present to Homer at five weeks old, and Homer was stoked to have a loyal friend who became a surfing buddy. Homer took Skyler down to a break, and she jumped onto his standup paddleboard. “Next adventure, I took her out surfing on a small day and she just loved it! After that there was no turning back!” Homer and Skyler have been riding waves together for years now, and they have it dialed. They’ve shot with Dave “Nelly” Nelson and they have been featured in magazines and have a growing following on social media. Skyler would have won the XXL Big Wave Awards Best Performance - Dog category - if there was such a thing, for a wave they rode together at Middle Peak, Santa Cruz. Their next goal is to get barreled.