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Taylor Reinhold Meerkat

Taylor Reinhold Meerkat

Size: Large (9-12) , Medium (6-8.5)


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Combed Cotton. Terry Looped Foot, Heel and Toe for more cushion and an extra plush feel. Athletic Ribbed, Mesh Vents, Self Adjusting Welt Cuff. Reinforced Heel & Toe Elastic Arch Support. Hand Linked Seamless Heel and Toe Closure. Y Gore Seam, Deep Heel Pocket.

One of the little known bits of trivia from the Savannah Wilds is the Black Ops breed of meerkat, genus Suricata—and their insatiable taste for chocolate-chip cookies. Folklore has it, that a squad of these special-trained rodent-like carnivoran rascals rule the nasty night, on the prowl for cookie smugglers. Meerkat mannerisms captured by illustrator and mural master, Taylor Reinhold. Taylor is one of the most talented, well-rounded artists alive!! You've chosen his artist sock design for a reason, this kid's got style!!

"Let us rise up and be thankful" - BUDDHA


42% Cotton
48% Polyester
7% Nylon
3% Lycra