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Landon McNamara
The North Shore is almost as fertile for musicians as it is for surfers, now that Landon McNamara’s Dollar Short And A Minute Late bulleted to #1 on the reggae billboard charts and Hawaiian radio following its release in December. McNamara is a native son of the North Shore, son of Pipeline surfer Liam and nephew of big-wave surfer Garrett McNamara, Landon grew up with the surf in one ear and music in the other. Inspired by North Shore resident surfer/musicians Jack Johnson, McNamara evolved a musical style that is “his own brand of reggae, rock n’ roll and blues to create a musical combo platter of positive and relatable music.” McNamara writes all his own songs and plays guitar. And he still surfs, as much as possible, from busting airs at Pupukea to bombs at Second Reef Pipe - to keep the music flowing from his head to his fingers.