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Corporate Responsibility

We believe in making socks where the only footprints are the ones you leave on your adventures. We believe that giving back, leaving this world in a better state than we found it, and maximizing transparency and accountability goes hand in hand with making the best socks your feet have ever donned.



In addition to making the best socks in the world, MERGE4 focuses on promoting sustainability at every step of development. As we grow as a company, we continue to introduce sustainable improvements at every step of manufacturing, like making socks from responsibly-sourced bamboo and using plastic-free packaging.



Certified B Corporation


Given our founding principles, it only made sense that MERGE4 joined the growing ranks of similarly minded organizations and incorporated – from day 1 – as a certified B Corporation. Why aren’t all companies B Corps? Because it’s hard. Because it takes dedication and ongoing commitment. The rigorous standards ingrained in this certification are part of our DNA and we wouldn’t have it any other way.




In addition to our B Corporation certification and commitment, we believe in making a positive impact on the world and helping to promote sustainability wherever we can. MERGE4 has implemented a series of environmental measures to ensure best practices at HQ and beyond.




Responsible Sourcing


MERGE4 is committed to ethic business practice throughout our supply chain. To ensure compliance, we conduct annual factory audit to verify BSCI certification as well as factories’ adhering to MERGE4’s “Code of Conduct Agreement”. MERGE4 is also part of the Fair Labor Association and is committed to ensuring fair labor practices and safe and humane working conditions throughout their supply chains.