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Jay Moriarity Cover

Its a frozen moment on the precipice, at the edge of space and time. The beakless birds applauded with featherless wings, his magic beneath his feet, mentally calibrates as he prepares the descent towards the bottom floor green room. This amazing Surfer Magazine cover shot is brought to you by Bob Barbour who is forwarding all proceeds to the Jay Moriarity Foundation. How rad is Bob!
42% Cotton 48% Polyester 7% Nylon 3% Lycra
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Features • Classic Crew • Combed Cotton • Terry Looped Foot, Heel and Toe for comfy plush cushion • Hand Linked Seamless Heel and Toe Closure • Athletic Ribbed • Self-Adjusting Welt Cuff • Reinforced Heel & Toe • Elastic Arch Support • Awesome Y-Heel Pockets
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