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collab socks

  • Wee Man Action Socks—Inspired by The Unstoppable Jason Acuna

    Every sport has its legends and every legend has a story—and skateboarding is no exception. Every skateboarder has a unique story to tell regarding their introduction to the sport, their passion for developing their art, and the terrain they call their own. But Wee Man isn’t like that. In fact, he isn’t like any skater before him. Breaking into entirely new territory in a style entirely his own, Wee Man defies both physics and expectations. Have you ever watched him? If you haven’t, go watch him. You’ll understand what we mean. We’re inspired by Wee Man—or, as his parents fondly call him, Jason Acuna.

    Born in Pisa, Italy in 1973, Acuna was raised in California and got his start in the skating industry as a subscription manager for a skateboard magazine. He eventually went on to become a television personality and actor for one of television’s biggest series in 2001 where he adopted the moniker “Wee Man”. He now owns over 30 restaurants across the United States and his own skateboarding company. No matter where his life takes him, however, you can be sure to find him still shredding on a regular basis at the local California skate park.

    Our collection dedicated to the enigmatic Wee Man features two socks. This first features a photograph of Wee Man—an action shot as he surpasses expectations, defying gravity and suspected limitations with fearlessness and humor. The second features fiery flames evolving into a smoky background, the name Wee Man spelt out against the smolder. A nod to both Wee Man’s imagination and his fiery passion, these socks are a tribute to a legend whose influence spread like a wildfire. Both socks in the collection are made with a quality blend of cotton, polyester, nylon, and lycra for cushion, comfort, and durability.

    Wee Man is proof that no matter who you are and what your circumstances, you can become what you want to be. Our socks are the accessory you need to help you reach unprecedented success. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or an aspiring sportsman, live life like Wee Man—fearless, fiery, and unstoppable.

  • Our Socks Have More in Common with Music Than You May Think

    At MERGE4, we know music is more than fleeting background noise you switch on to add a little ambiance to a dinner party. We understand that music is soul, movement, emotion— and for many, it’s a way of life. The right music can bring you higher than your doubts, swoop low to comfort you on disconcerting days, and add a butt-kicking theme song to the story of your life. Beyond all that, music is inspiring—and it inspires us every day to create show-stopping, game-changing designs.

    MERGE4 is made up of a diverse team of athletes, artists, performers, and—you guessed it—musicians. These enigmatic influencers are what drive the creative juices behind every sock, and their musical talents and abilities leak into each new design. While music tastes may vary, we believe that all music lovers are connected by one belief—that no one should ever hide their passion for song.

    Our group of musicians includes: Sublime, a band of Long Beach rag-tag punks goes from playing backyard parties and selling cassettes out of the trunks of their cars to creating an entirely new and revolutionary blend of music. They brought together a community of reggae, tattooed-punks, Rastafarians, surfers, Chicanos, hip-hoppers and others, defining an entire era and lifestyle that lives on - over 25 years later - and stronger than ever!

    Landon McNamara, a native to North Shore with a number one single under his belt, and Circle Jerks, a group with roots stretching back to 1979. After McNamara gained recognition after his single Dollar Short and A Minute Late reached number one on reggae billboard charts and dominated Hawaiian radio, he continued to take genres such as reggae, rock and roll, and blues to create a sound that was entirely his own. Growing up under the influence of a surfing lifestyle, McNamara draws inspiration from the waves. Two pairs of our socks are a testimony to him and his style, perfect for a laid-back soul surfer making up the rules along the way.

    Circle Jerks found their start in Los Angeles in the late 1970’s, and while their journey has had its rocky moments, it certainly hasn’t been without its highlights. Even though the band broke up and re-formed three times, their debut album, Group Sex, has been widely considered a landmark in the hardcore punk genre. Many punk rock groups have since cited Circle Jerks to be an influence—and many punk rockers and heavy metal enthusiasts have felt the same way throughout the years. Our Circle Jerk socks are a humble tribute to one of the greats.

    Music is more than a collection of sounds that you may or may or not listen to. Rather, music is the lifeblood of creation; a steady drumbeat before the onset of inspiration. Without it, we certainly wouldn’t have been driven to create as much as we already have. We probably wouldn’t have so many amazing socks to choose from, either.

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