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We aren’t just people who make damn great super high quality socks… we also aim to respect and protect the environment around us - from cubicles to taco stands, beaches to concrete bowls, within our community and abroad. We want to make a positive impact on the world and promote sustainability wherever we can.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rejoice!
Yep the four R’s. MERGE4 starts in the office by recycling toner cartridges and placing recycling receptacles at every desk. At the other end, MERGE4 socks are built tough, built to take it, built to last.


Biodegradable Cleaning Supplies
MERGE4 strives to reduce the amount of toxic cleaning supplies used within the company and swap them for non-toxic, biodegradable, citrus-based cleaning agents.


Water Conservation
As “Water Warriors” put themselves on the front-lines of saving our water sources, we maintain our dedicated concern in the backend. MERGE4 employees are encouraged to knock off any water waste, and preserve water however we can.


A Kilowatt Saved is a Kilowatt Earned
MERGE4’s energy-efficient equipment policy requires employees unplug all electrical equipment when not in use. Our policy also states that all computer purchases must have a power management mode.


Cool Your Jets
At MERGE4 HQ, we program our thermostats to only warm things up during business hours. We also reduce energy use caused from heating by setting our water tank temperature to no higher than 120*F.


Light On Lighting
The tech world has designed a better lightbulb, and MERGE4 have replaced all conventional light bulbs with super-efficient compact LED lights. This switch to compact LED lights knocks down energy usage by 66% compared to them old regular light bulbs


Minimal Packaging
MERGE4 is on the ball, researching sources for recyclable packing material, post-consumer recycled material, and to reduce the amount of packaging we use wherever possible.


We use the Bluesign® system reduce the environmental impact of our entire textile supply chain. Using a holistic approach, Bluesign® provides chemical inventory evaluation, responsibly manufacturing support, and sustainability performance reviews.


Community Involvement
MERGE4’s Annual Planet Clean-Up Day is all about helping the communities that we meet through beach clean ups, park beautification and neighborhood projects.


Emissions Are Our Mission
MERGE4’s mission is easing emissions. Say that 10 times really fast. We can’t buy everyone a company Tesla (yet), but we have implemented a program to reimburse employees for purchasing a hybrid or alternative fuel consumption vehicle. MERGE4 also rewards employees who telecommute and carpool.


Plastic Patrol
We live in a beach town, so naturally, our employees and volunteers are dedicated to keep the beaches clean from the plastic of tourists and others. We employ a ‘Save our Shores mindset’ by reducing the amount of plastic from our production and products.