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Our Story - Behind The Socks

Some say it was a balmy afternoon. It could’ve been a Tuesday if it wasn’t already the end of the week. But, it WAS September. An unassuming, ethically-themed skarfing establishment and seminal OG skateboard magazine writer/artist/musician/photographer, Mofo collided with Cindi Ferreira Busenhart— long-time, low-profile, NorCal action-sports’ MAVENtrepreneur. Discussion intermingled, thoughts about newer technologies, todays broader spectrum of visual presentation capabilities, day-dreams of vintage action images, graphics, art and athletes of many kinds. The wheels of creativity begin to churn, as an idea began to take shape. Cindi got to thinking. One thought blended with another; Mo’s images, some more ideas, some technology, the jalapeños - BIFF-BANG-BOOM! she synthesizes a potent business concept swiftly into action. She enlists OG skateboard-legend Keith Meek —master artist, digital graphics/pool ripper. She incorporates hard-rockin’ Las Vegas restauranteur Gigli Locatelli. Completing the quartet is 80s Professional skateboarding icon/half-pipe crusher/mountain-bike pioneer/businessman, Rob Roskopp, forming MERGE4—a sock company.
Beyond magnificent in appearance, style and comfort, the MERGE4 socks for the feets are constructed like no other. Your soles are GRIPPED by our deviously interesting ‘CULT-WEAVE’. MERGE4’s ‘CULT-WEAVE’ cushions what is sometimes called the ‘arch’ area. YES, you heard correctly; MERGE4 “GRIPS YOUR SOLE”.
We’re not going to make any guarantees here, but we’re pretty sure your feets will thank you.

Tech Alchemy
This 21st Century is a brilliant alchemy of high technology and environmental awareness, where design, materials, performance and manufacturing are making products that are comfortable, durable and socially responsible. All of those 21st Century miracles can be applied to socks - form and function woven together in a way that loves feet, loves the wearer. MERGE4 is dedicated to making purpose-built socks utilizing tools provided by the technological revolution and all it offers in materials, construction, communication and socially responsible ways of doing business.


One foot in the past, one foot in the future
MERGE4 knows the past - knows history, loves history and lets the past guide the future. MERGE4 is excited about the future. New and exciting things and innovations are around the corner at all times. What is coming? MERGE4 has one foot in the past, one foot in the future, and both feet are loved and protected by extremely cool and comfortable socks.


Response - Ability
MERGE4 stands on the two feet of high technology and environmental responsibility. Both our company and our partners are ethical, innovative, performance driven, tech, efficient, humane and socially responsible. By being a good company and by partnering with good companies, our goal is to give our customers a quality, purpose-built product while utilizing the remarkable technologies offered that allow us to make socks with maximum style, comfort and function.


comm - UNITY
The MERGE4 community think on their feet. MERGE4 people, MERGE4 athletics, music, photography, art, activism. MERGE4 intends to be a cornerstone of an active community- merging in the center with the accent on unity.


The Giving Plan
Here at MERGE4 we believe Giving is Good - not just good for business but just good life practice. MERGE4 is strategic about its charitable giving. We support those nonprofits that have the same the mission and values as we do. Contributing to our community promotes a positive work environment, helps support health, character building and independence to those less fortunate. In addition, providing opportunities for employees to contribute, such as release time volunteering and 40 hours of paid time off per year for volunteering, MERGE4 will attract and help retain employees but most importantly make a difference in our community. A company that is passionate about a cause or causes can inspire others to get involved. MERGE4 giving feels good! Seeing that our contributions actively improve our communities is awesome. An inspiring art exhibit, a scholarship for someone who couldn't attend summer camp without it, community public school in kind donations and hospital events and more are all chosen annually at MERGE4 by our internal team. The MERGE4 team is committed to providing 2% of revenue in cash contributions or in kind product to our community.