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It's a frozen moment on the precipice, at the edge of space and time. The beak-less birds applauded with featherless wings, his magic beneath his feet, mentally calibrates as he prepares the descent towards the bottom floor green room. This amazing Surfer Magazine cover shot is brought to you by Bob Barbour who is forwarding all proceeds to the Jay Moriarity Foundation. How rad is Bob!

About Jay Moriarity

Jay Moriarity became famous to the world when he was launched with the lip on this giant, 35 foot, offshore, top to bottom Mavericks monster - which was captured by surf photographer Bob Barbour and made the cover of Surfer Magazine in December 1994. Jay Moriarity continued evolving into one of the best big-wave surfers in the world thru the 1990’s. He lived heroically, with passion and has been immortalized as an inspiration to young water athletes from around the world to live their dreams, face their fears. Jay left this earth too young, and the surfing world mourned. His life was made into the movie Chasing Mavericks in 2012, inspiring a new generation of water athletes to Live Like Jay.


Cult Weave to prevent graphics from blowing out

360° graphics

Stay-put cuff

Moisture-wicking sole

Elastic arch support

Fortune Cookie Quote on inside cuff



42% Cotton

48% Polyester

7% Nylon

3% Lycra


Weight: Heavy

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