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Spidey Purple Stripe Bamboo

Ginormous Grimace grape juice stains, Mixed with massive puddles of purple rain. Mom’s new bright white carpet Will never be quite the same.
80% Bamboo Rayon 10% Polyester 7% Nylon 3% Lycra
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Features • Keeps feet dry/moisture wicking • Odor reducing/eliminating • Sustainable mechanically separated bamboo (no harmful chemicals used) • Temp management (similar to wool – cooler in the heat and warmer in cold weather) • Hypoallergenic • Ultra soft - super swanky feel yet exceptionally durable • Terry Looped Foot, Heel and Toe for more cushion and an extra plush feel. Athletic Ribbed, Mesh Vents, Self Adjusting Welt Cuff. Reinforced Heel & Toe Elastic Arch Support. Hand Linked Seamless Heel and Toe Closure. Y Gore Seam, Deep Heel Pocket.
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