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Team Page - The People Behind Our Socks

If you were around in the mid 70’s to early 80’s and had anything to do with the skate-punk revolution, odds are you knew of this classic character that goes by many names. The Orange Bowl, Bombora, Winchester Skatepark, Campbell Skatepark, Milpitas Skatepark, The Temple Beautiful, Mabuhay Gardens, Deaf Club, Elite Club, Sound of Music, Tool and Die, and 10th Street Hall, these are some of the places he called home. Mofo has been part of the Nor Cal scene since day one. He has sung in a few of the best underground bands the bay Area had to offer, has shot photos of some of the most classic, legendary skaters of all time and has probably slept on more couches in his travels than most humans could bare. He is one of a handful of skaters that had the vision and resolve that made Thrasher Skate Magazine a reality and was recently inducted into Skateboardings Hall of Fame.

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Scotty Greathouse is a Santa Cruz surf/skate rat who spent countless hours staring at art & graphics as a kid, unaware he'd join the art ranks the way he has. Inspired, yet far from a duplicator, he likes colliding varying mediums, free from all rules. Creation through experimentation is the ideal process for him and his work is different because he needs it to be: Xanadu Surfboards, Consolidated Skateboards, Skateworks, Sessions and now, Merge4 have run his graphics worldwide. His words have graced the pages of Thrasher, Heckler and Juice. While his murals have blasted the walls of LinkedIn, AnnieGlass and Lucille Packard Children's Hospital Stanford. He's showed work in numerous venues including California's Seeing Things, Cukui, empire 7, and Gund Galleries. He runs his business, peddles gear thru his ideasforwalls.bigcartel and spends every moment he possibly can with his two sons, Branden and Lee.

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From the 80s into the 21st Century, 26th Avenue to Chopes, Mavericks to the Mentawai, Sewer Peak to Super Tubes, Dave Nelson has evolved into one of the world’s best surf photographers. Whether in the water or on the concrete his fluid yet powerful surf skate style transcends over to his photography. Arriving in the 80s, Nelly fell into an evolving surf scene that was on the rise, as surfers with funny nicknames like Flea, Skindog, Ratboy, Barney and Condor were pushing the limits of performance surf at Steamer Lane and along the Westside, and hurtling into giant surf at the monster up Highway 1: Mavericks. As Santa Cruz surfers moved and rose, so did Nelly. Mentored by one of the most innovative surf photographers, Tony Roberts, Nelly is the man with the right talents, shooting locally and globally, and expanding his focus from East Side/West Side to all hemispheres and the seven oceans, shooting the best surfers in the best surf, around the world.

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Steve practically teethed on grip-tape. Woven from the gnarly fabric of San Jose’s outer Eastside, deeply established and in the groove of skateboarding’s fledgling puberty during the mid to late ‘70s. He was a hard-core super-athlete about ready to burst the paradigm of skateboarding wide open. He was/is a trend-setting machine, with a keen eye for what has soul, what is cool and what is absolutely crap. His inner creativity is overwhelmingly powerful - music, painting, illustration, motorcycles, hot rods, and a furious dedication to constant personal and spiritual growth. Caballero holds many distinctions, from being the first to have his own signature brand shoe, the “Half Cab” to the longest continually selling signature model skateboard deck with Powell Peralta, a company he started with and remains with since 1979. His contributions and inspirations to musicians/skaters the world over are found in his numerous musical efforts with bands that include Faction, Odd Man Out, Shovelhead, Soda and peppered with a little Agent Orange during their 2012 tour.

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Life doesn’t exactly suck when you live in Las Vegas, play in a long-running kick-ass punk band, make your living at your own tattoo studio, parlay a cause célèbre from a reality show into creative artistic visual and liquid opportunities, tending to a variety of business endeavors, while juggling the balancing act and priorities of fatherhood. Some say ‘tsunami’, others say Dirk Vermins’ world. A life like a hot-rod V8 engine, always rumbling, and when he’s wide open, all heads turn. With a pedigree like this, and the hard miles exposed to the best visuals punk rock, hot rods and the tattoo worlds have to offer, add decades of art and life experiences, he’s developed a wide range of styles, from traditional to portrait, and he’s the go-to guy for your cover-up work. Unique Las Vegas OG’s don’t come much more stalwart than a cat like this. If ya gonna get marked, and get marked up really good by the best tatt-cats in the biz’, you gotta have a Dirk Vermin piece. You just gotta.

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Punk Rock Art is Bad Otis’ game. He’s played it long, and plays it well. So well, he’s inspired censorship. Crazy. Right? Like a lot of you tatted, scarred ‘n begrizzled punkers Bad Otis arose from beyond the suburban-ooze churned and boiled beneath the bandana’d engineer boots of legions of kids during those SoCal nights, when creativity and inspiration became highly aggressive. This new kind of counter- culture exploded in California—with it came new, exciting, assaulting music and graphic visuals. Practically since day one, Bad became a highly recognized artist, alternating scratchy-edginess, moody colors, stark fine lines—simultaneously stylistic, yet discomforting. Aggressive, harsh. The consummate absolute artist from beyond the fringe, Bad Otis Link is by all accounts “Lowbrow-Art” extraordinaire —before it was ever a thing, and long before it’s 15 minutes of cool had even begun. You’re already familiar with Bad Otis’ art from hundreds of bands he’s created for, or from his art and custom shirts at Coachella.

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Skateboarding has it power-house legends, all known for their varied and unique degrees of 4-wheeled prowess— from mega-ramp riders in the X-Games to the professional street-skaters buying up mansions just for throwing parties. Each has their “thing” they’re famous for. How they’d developed and adapted their proportion, size, scale and skills to the terrain, or chosen discipline, into world-wide recognition are each unique stories of their own. All of that changes, and the physics involved take on an entirely new meaning when it comes to Wee Man, and vast, new perspectives in skateboarding open up to a level unobtainable by most all other skaters. Watch him ride. You’ll see what we mean. Unless you’ve lived under some dang rock the past 2 decades, you know who WeeMan, who will ONLY cash checks made out to Jason Acuna. We KNOW you’ve seen him, from playing a convincing antagonist in the popular movie and episodes we can’t mention, to insane stunts, gags, film-bits, video-bits and bacon-bits.

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In 1996, Matt Rockhold began competing in the Air Show Series and made the top 10 in all five years he competed on the tour - busting skateboard moves above the lip and moving aerial surfing forward into the 21st Century. Matt’s success is a combination of nature and nurture. He comes from an athletic family that includes his basketball-playing father, and his brother Luke, who became the UFC Middleweight champion in December of 2015. The Rockholds are the product of a NorCal culture known for producing innovative, tough athletes - from the ocean to the octagon. The aerial surfing that is now changing pro surfing in the 21st Century was laid down by Matt Rockhold and a handful of others. Matt’s still flying from Santa Cruz to the world.

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Our witness from the eye of the storm. The lens-pirate responsible for shooting the actual birthing pains of LA PUNK ROCK! His body of work encompasses not just the music, but the fashion, the art, the lifestyle —ALL THE RIGHT STUFF from the most critical juncture. After the skateboarders brought slam- dancing down from Nor-Cal in the late ‘70s, the first slam-pits began to take shape, were refined, perfected, then developed into varying styles, like ’The HB STRUT’, ‘The SWIVEL’, etc. Always on the spot, when and where the action was, Ed captured history at the feet of, and in the midst of TSOL, Bad Religion, Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat, Black Flag, Social Distortion, Circle Jerks, Fear, Social Distortion, X, Adolescents, Christian Death, and too many more bands to count. If you can ever catch a showing of Ed Colvers’ work, do so. They are the loudest, most action-pact, screaming black and white photos you’ve ever seen.

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