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If you were around in the mid 70’s to early 80’s and had anything to do with the skate-punk revolution, odds are you knew of this classic character that goes by many names. The Orange Bowl, Bombora, Winchester Skatepark, Campbell Skatepark, Milpitas Skatepark, The Temple Beautiful, Mabuhay Gardens, Deaf Club, Elite Club, Sound of Music, Tool and Die, and 10th Street Hall, these are some of the places he called home. Mofo has been part of the Nor Cal scene since day one. He has sung in a few of the best underground bands the bay Area had to offer, has shot photos of some of the most classic, legendary skaters of all time and has probably slept on more couches in his travels than most humans could bare.

He is one of a handful of skaters that had the vision and resolve that made Thrasher Skate Magazine a reality and was recently inducted into Skateboardings Hall of Fame.

This shot of Natas Kaupas was featured in Thrasher Magazine in the late 80’s.