Artist Socks


MERGE4's collaborations with incredible artists have been the driving force behind the brand's bold and eye-catching designs. The partnership between artists and MERGE4 has resulted in socks that are packed with style, while still maintaining the exceptional performance and durability that MERGE4 socks are known for.

Jimbo Phillips

Caia Koopman

Bad Otis Link

Scott Greathouse

Chump Magic

Taylor Reinhold

Maia Negre

Shaun Logan

Daniel Jean-Baptiste

Punk Sock!

MERGE4 socks by Bad Otis Link

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Hanna Minck

Colby Phillips

Belle Dee

Dirk Vermin

Mike Espinosa

Brandon Ragnar

Lee Keller


Marvin Plummer

Dirk Hays

Andrew Cooper

Ryo Taniguchi

Richard Kirby

Dennis Hall & David Lobenberg

Jimbo Phillips Mural
Caia Koopman Painting
Tyler Reinhold