Taylor Reinhold
Taylor Reinhold: MFC color-mix-illustration-mural master!! Talk about one of the most talented, well-rounded artists alive!! You've chosen his sock design for a reason, this kid's got style!! But that's not enough to explain Taylor's true character. Sure, he can ROPE out the most insane animal/lettering creations (and has the spray can control most graff writers can only dream about); but, essentially, it's his love for art and love for people that's most impressive. Tay is all-in and FULL BLAST when it comes to sharing his enthusiasm. He paints some of the most inspiring murals (taylorreinhold.com) and naturally people can't help but hang out and watch. Taylor is so good at sharing the positive, cultural and community side of what a pure muralist/artist represents. He's confident in his craft and is always innovating. We're constantly amazed by his talent and BEYOND proud that he's a part of the merge4 line-up!!