5 Animal Socks That Are A Need Not A Want

Here at MERGE4 we are no strangers to being nature lovers and we find that reflected in the incredible art that we receive from our collaborators. From photos to graphic designs to hand painted masterpieces we have an anthology of animal inspired socks for any occasion.

Without any further ado, here are 5 awesome animal socks to upgrade your sock drawer with!

1. Bad Otis Link Turtle Socks

These socks feature original art by Bad Otis Link and make us feel one with the turtles. These cool socks have “stay-put” cuffs, light compression, and moisture wicking soles to keep you in style and comfort all day long.

2. Lee Keller Ostrich Socks

These fun and cute socks feature art by MERGE4 collaborator Lee Keller. Lee has 3 collaborations with MERGE4 including a pair of show stopping tiger socks. These ostriches are affectionately named Blue, Fifi, and Gladys and they have been brightening our summer every step of the way! These cool socks feature elastic arch supports, a fortune cookie quote on the inside cuff, and padded soles.

3. San Diego Zoo Ring-Tailed Lemur Socks for Kids and Adults

Not only are these socks super cute and comfortable, but 7% of sales on these socks goes directly to the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance. MERGE4 has a number of collaborations with the San Diego Zoo and each of them help to support their amazing wildlife programs. These adult and youth sublimated cool socks have hand-linked toes and heels so that you’ll never be bothered with an uncomfortable seam moving around in your shoes!

4. Maia Negre Jellyfish Socks

These jellyfish socks show off the beauty and elegance of the creatures that live in our world’s oceans. The artist behind these blue beauties is Maia Negre, a local gem in Santa Cruz, CA. Maia was MERGE4’s first female artist and one of our most prolific collaborators. You can shop Maia’s whole collection here.

5. Taylor Reinhold Raccoon Socks

These trash pandas have truly stolen our hearts. Taylor Reinhold has a bunch of animal inspired socks with MERGE4 and you can check them all out here. These socks were designed for all day play and were built to have you feeling better for longer no matter where your adventures take you!

That’s a wrap on 5 cool socks for all the animal lovers in your life! If you didn’t see the animal that speaks to you most make sure to check out the rest of our animal sock for men, women, and children on our website. Shop all MERGE4 designs here: