Celebrating Chris Busenhart: Manager of Special Olympics Northern California / Team Santa Cruz Golf

Special Olympics Golf

Behind every successful event, there's an unsung hero who works tirelessly to ensure everything runs smoothly. In the world of Special Olympics, one such hero is Chris Busenhart, the Logistic Manager of MERGE4. Chris manages and has been instrumental in orchestrating the Special Olympics Northern California/Team Santa Cruz for over twelve years. The season ended with a golf tournament that took place on September 15th at Los Lagos Golf Course in San Jose, California. This nine-hole alternate shot and skills challenge golf tournament is not just a sporting event; it's a testament to the power of inclusivity and the extraordinary dedication of all that participate.

A Season of Preparation

From June to September, the Special Olympics Northern California / Team Santa Cruz athletes dedicated themselves to practicing at DeLaveaga, a golf course located in Santa Cruz, California. The success of their training and preparation was a collective effort, involving not only the athletes but also the support of the wonderful staff at DeLaveaga, particularly Tim and Jamie Loustalot. Their generosity in allowing free practice on the range and on the course played a significant role in the success of the athletes.

DeLaveaga has long been recognized as a golfing haven in Santa Cruz. However, it's not just the challenging golf course that makes this place special; it's the sense of community and inclusivity that radiates from it. Under the guidance of Tim and Jamie Loustalot, DeLaveaga has opened its course to the Special Olympics Northern California/Team Santa Cruz athletes, welcoming them to hone their skills and enjoy the beautiful game of golf. This act of kindness goes beyond sports; it exemplifies the values of inclusivity, compassion, and support that Special Olympics represents.

Scotty Team USA Socks

MERGE4 Scotty Greathouse Team USA Crew Socks were dontated to support the event.

A Shoutout to the Coaches

Of course, we can't forget to acknowledge the dedicated coaches who have been with Team Santa Cruz throughout their journey. The success of these athletes is not only attributed to their hard work but also to the guidance and mentorship provided by their coaches, Tanner Tedsen, Chase Tedsen, Alex Lanctot, Jennie Briend, John Wintson, Rich Buse and Ken Deave. Their unwavering commitment to helping these amazing athletes achieve their best shines through in every swing, putt, and skill challenge.

The Amazing Athletes

Last but certainly not least, we must celebrate the real stars of the Special Olympics Northern California/Team Santa Cruz Golf Tournament—the athletes themselves. Their determination, passion, and spirit are an inspiration to us all. Their enthusiasm for the game of golf and the joy they bring to the sport is a reminder of the true meaning of sportsmanship and camaraderie.

MERGE4 is proud to share stories like these that highlight the positive impact of our team members.

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