Collab Convos: Maia Negre


Here at MERGE4 we are lucky enough to work with an incredible group of artist, athletes, musicians and collaborators who all contribute to MERGE4 through art and inspiration.  

We recently sat down with Maia Negre, MERGE4’s first female artist, and asked her about her process, her inspirations, and her collaborations with MERGE4. From contributing to public works in the area to being a staple at local art festivals. Maia is one of Santa Cruz County’s most beloved artists, her work is everywhere.  

Maia’s art focuses on the natural beauty that the Earth has to offer and much of her work is centered around sea life and the oceans. 

When we visited Maia’s home studio, we learned that while she does have some designated art spaces, she prefers to create wherever inspiration strikes. She paints in the kitchen, outside, in her bedroom, etc., so naturally we wanted to know more about her creative process. 

“My favorite part of creating is seeing what it to gives other people. I love the process of painting, obviously, it's really meditative. I get to mimic something that's gorgeous in nature…I might make something for somebody, and then I make card or a print or it gets printed on a sock and then it can be shared beyond that one person to a broader audience. It just brings people a lot of joy.” 

Maia currently has 14 different styles of socks and 3 pairs of baby socks out with MERGE4. We asked her about her collaborations with MERGE4 and what she liked about working with the company 

“I love that MERGE4 is a local company, that they empower artists and athletes and musicians through meaningful collaborations because it's a huge part of what I do also as an artist. I love that they're certified b corporation and they're just amazing. They give back just as much as they grow. They're awesome and I think they're a great example of the future and how we all kind of need to be looking out for one another.”  

You can watch our interview with Maia on the MERGE4 YouTube channel here.

MERGE4 is honored to be able to collaborate with such a beautiful and kind spirit like Maia. She continues to inspire us through her work, her passion, and her care for others. To learn more about Maia you can visit her website,, or find her on Instagram and Facebook @maianegre.