Collaborating with incredible artists makes for some amazing socks

Every day, active people around the world slip on socks, keeping their feet warm, cozy and protected. From skating to cruising to kicking back around the house, a good pair of socks is indispensable. They isolate odor, wick moisture and retain critical warmth. So yeah, socks deserve our attention and your feet deserve socks. At MERGE4, we believe that everyone deserves quality socks that not only feel great but look amazing.MERGE4 socks are designed for the action hero on the go. In an effort to avoid wear and tear, our socks are constructed to be durable and long lasting. In addition to looking great, we wanted them to be comfortable, too, so we designed them with cushions to support the foot's arch and bottom.


These socks are like no other, because in addition to our technical design, they are decked out by the designs, art and photographs of some of our favorite artists and athletes. The one of a kind artwork seen on our collab socks is designed and influenced by over thirty incredible artists, photographers, musicians and athletes from all around the world. These geniuses are the collective mind behind MERGE4 and are our greatest influencers. When they aren't on a board or tackling a life size mural, they're helping us create jaw dropping, eye catching artwork for our socks. Bobby Brown's metal inspired skulls, dreamy florals from Maia Negre, Cab dragons and Shaun Logan's extravagant jungle scenes are just a few examples of the kind of artwork you can find in the MERGE4 vault. Best of all, our proprietary process ensures the image or art you love doesn't lose visual integrity (blow out) when the sock is worn, so it looks as good on you as it did hanging on the rack. Our socks go beyond appearances. Whatever punishment your activities put your feet through, MERGE4 socks are designed and tested to endure consistent wear and tear. We're dedicated to making your feet happy, wherever you are and whatever you're doing, because your feet deserve socks that look and feel amazing. So treat them to a pair of MERGE4 socks. They are definitely a little crazy, but they are our kind of crazy.



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