Collaborator Spotlight: Jimbo Phillips

This week we have the honor of highlighting one of our incredible collaborators, Jimbo Phillips. Jimbo has been an icon in the surf, skate, and music worlds for years and his unique style is easily recognizable anywhere.
Jimbo got into the art world by following the footsteps of his father, Jim Phillips – creator of the original artwork for Santa Cruz Skateboards, the iconic screaming hand logo, and cover art for the Doors. Throughout the years, Jimbo’s art has shown up everywhere in collaborations across the U.S. and internationally, his unmistakable “graphix” have made a splash throughout the four corners of the globe.
MERGE4 has been lucky enough to collaborate on more than 18 different sock styles with Jimbo and many of them have been some of our best sellers since their release.
This year we collaborated with Jimbo on a new line of exclusive designs for the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, including a spectacular piece depicting the iconic Giant Dipper rollercoaster which was named a National Historic Landmark in 1987.
“Jimbo is such a creative, easy going, and thoughtful guy,” says MERGE4 Founder and CEO, Cindi Busenhart. “Getting new designs from him is always a great day because we know whatever he shares with us is going to be incredible!”
From eye popping creatures to oozing slime to an ever-so-friendly shaka, Jimbo has created some of MERGE4’s most popular designs and we couldn’t be happier to collaborate with such a dedicated artist.
Check out all of Jimbo’s collaborations with MERGE4 below: