Community Resilience Shines: MERGE4 Leads Efforts to Restore Soquel Village Park

Heart of Soquel Park Clean-up

Heart of Soquel Park Clean Up

After the severe weather flooding in Soquel Village the beginning of 2023, MERGE4 stepped up as volunteers to restore the Heart of Soquel Park. The inspiring actions of the business owners and their customers, who supported the village during the flooding earlier in the year, motivated MERGE4 to contribute. The business owners and customers on the creek side of the village wasted no time. They brought their own BOB CAT tractors, manually cleared out mud, used tractors to assist, hosed things down, and sandbagged the area. They took the initiative to start the park restoration themselves and accomplished it relatively quickly.

Soquel Park Flooding Soquel Park Flooding
 Soquel Park Flooding Soquel Park Flooding

Despite the widespread chaos caused by severe weather throughout the entire county, the impact of the small village disaster felt enormous to the people living and working in Soquel. However, it didn't receive much attention from the public, likely due to the multitude of ongoing events.

Americorps and MERGE4 clean up Soquel Park

In a effort to support the recovery endeavors in Santa Cruz, MERGE4 took action by donating 50% of all proceeds from MERGE4 Slidertown sock sales to the disaster relief fund. This philanthropic initiative aimed to provide vital assistance to those affected by the catastrophe, offering a helping hand during a challenging time. By purchasing a pair of MERGE4 Slidertown socks, customers not only enjoyed the comfort and style of the socks but also actively participated in the collective mission of supporting the disaster relief fund and aiding in the recovery of Santa Cruz.


MERGE4 had personal connections to the area surrounding the park through friends and family who owned businesses there, and their team members frequently visited the park for meals. They reached out to Supervisor Manu Koenig, who not only granted them access to water but also connected them with Margaret Ingraham from Santa Cruz Parks and Rec. Margaret took charge and not only enlisted the help of her team at Parks and Rec but also involved Americorps. Even the Santa Cruz Warriors joined in by providing meals for the volunteers, including the MERGE4 team. MERGE4 is grateful for the efforts of their team and all the dedicated volunteers who showed up, worked hard, and made a significant impact. As a result, the very next day, children from local schools were back enjoying the Heart of Soquel Park.

MERGE4 Volunteer Award

MERGE4 Volunteer Award

This event serves as a powerful testament to the strength of community spirit. MERGE4 would like to express their gratitude to everyone involved, as the revitalized park is once again being utilized. Being acknowledged for our contribution is deeply appreciated.

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