Cool Socks for Men That Make the Perfect Gift

Socks are a go-to gift for men. They are the ultimate expression of a guy’s personality. While its an easy gift or stocking stuffer, it can be difficult finding cool socks for men that he’ll actually want to wear.

And with so many socks to sift through, how do you know you’re getting a quality pair of socks that will last past three washes? That’s where we’ve got your back. Here are our picks of the best cool socks for men that are made from high-quality material.

Cool Socks for Men Who Love Music

If music is his thing, then you can’t go wrong with an iconic band sock. Classic rock, alternative, and punk rock are on-trend, and band artwork is always sick. If your guy frequently has in AirPods, loves to attend concerts, or loves to play music, here are our top picks.

Cool socks for men who love music.

1. Sublime Sun No Show Sock

The Sublime Sun no-show sock is the perfect vibe for punk rock music lovers. Rolling Stone called Sublime the perfect summertime mix of upbeat hooks and punk-rock energy.

2. DEVO Obsesso Crew Sock

Channel 80s rock nostalgia with the iconic DEVO Obsesso crew sock. Because we all know, when a good time comes around, you must whip it.

3. KISS Destroyer Crew Sock

The iconic cover of the KISS Destroyer album is always a good choice. A perfect pick for guys who love rock and metal.

4. Circle Jerks Skank Crew Sock

The circle Jerks Skank crew sock is the epitome of 80s punk rock. If your guy loves punk rock or likes to smash around in the pit, then this is your sock.

5. The Expendables Bowl For Two Crew Sock

If reggae rock is your thing, then you’re gonna want to chill in The Expendables Bowl for Two crew sock, which is comfortable and cool.

Want to see more iconic band socks? Check out MERGE4’s full line of music socks. 

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Cool Socks for Guys Who Love Action Sports

Surf, skateboard, snowboard, or bike, does your guy do them all? If they follow or do action sports, then you’ll want to check out our picks of cool socks from action sports legends. Plus, these socks are built to endure the punishing wear of skateboardingbikingsurfing, and snowboarding.

1 Steve Caballero Bait Crew Sock

Steve Caballero is a skateboarding legend. If your guy skates, then the Steve Caballero Bait crew sock is essential. Check out these other cool Steve Caballero socks.

2. Endless Summer Crew Sock

Endless Summer is an officially licensed crew sock to commemorate the iconic surf documentary that sparked a surf movement. If your guy surfs, then these socks will comfort their feet after a long set. Find some deals on other cool surf socks.

3. Rick Thorne Pool Seekers Crew Sock

If your guy bikes, they need a pair of these sick Rick Thorne Pool Seekers crew socks. A legend in the BMX world, Rick Thorne, tears up the competition. You should also check out the Rick Thorne Stay Rad Mask.

4. Weeman The Good, The Bad and The Wee Crew Sock

A rockstar of the skate world, Weeman is a cool person in and out of the park. His The Good, The Bad and The Wee Crew Sock is an excellent sock for hitting the skate park. Check out other cool Weeman socks.

Do you need technical snowboarding socks? Check out the MERGE4 THERMOLITE® snowboarding socks that offer functional insulation with excellent durability, engineered to be your friend on a powder day.


Cool Socks for Men Who Love Sick Artwork

Sometimes guys just want socks with cool artwork. It’s an expression of who they are and their personality. At MERGE4, we’ve collaborated with some of the best artists in the Bay Area.

1. Jimbo Cycloptopus Crew Sock

Jimbo Phillips is one of the most recognizable artists in skateboarding, surf, and rock. Some of his signature designs, like Cycloptopus, have defined an industry and culture. Check out the full line of Jimbo Phillips socks and masks.

2. Maia Negre Liquid Sunset Crew Sock

A native Santa Cruz painter, Maia Negre, is known for her coastal landscapes and surfscapes, which bring the beach to you. For men that love the ocean, her Liquid Sunset is the perfect gift. Check out Maia Negre’s full line of socks and masks.

3. Dirk Vermin Double Trouble Crew Sock

If your guy loves tattoos, then this is his sock. Drawn by renowned tattoo artist Dirk Vermin, the Double Trouble crew sock is sure to turn heads. See Dirk Vermin’s full line of socks.

4. Daniel Jean-Baptiste Sail Fish Crew Sock

If island adventure is what appeals to your man, then you’ll want Daniel Jean-Baptiste’s Sail Fish to bring a little Caribbean home. Check out the Caribbean artist’s full line of socks.

5. Taylor Reinhold Sharks Crew Sock

Another Santa Cruz artist and mural master, Taylor Reinhold, creates works of art that are just cool. Seriously. See more Taylor Reinhold’s socks and masks.

MERGE4 collaborates with more than 20 artists. Shop the full MERGE4 artist collection

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Cool socks for men who embody sustainability.

Cool Socks for Guys Who Embody Sustainability

In today’s world, sustainability is crucial. At MERGE4, we are committed to finding comfortable and sustainable materials to make our socks. If you value sustainability as we do, then you’ll want these socks—and they’ll probably be your most comfortable pair.

1. Tencel/Hemp Blend Wood Grain Crew Sock

A blend of eco-friendly hemp yarn and Tencel fiber sourced from natural, renewable wood that blends with combed cotton for superior comfort. See more Tencel/Hemp Blend socks.

2. Spidey Bamboo Blend Argyle Blue Crew Sock

One of the softest materials, bamboo yarn, feels like cashmere on your feet. Bamboo is the fastest growing grass on the planet and a sustainable alternative to cotton. Check out more Bamboo Blend socks.

3. Repreve Longboard Crew Sock

Repreve is an amazing fiber made from recycled plastic bottles that’s ultra-soft and incredibly durable. Check out more Repreve socks.

4. Plant Based Dye No Show 3-Pack

Using liquid dyes from organic crops to significantly reduce wastewater, emissions, and energy use, Plant Based Dye socks have soft, beautiful color. See the full line of Plant Based Dye socks.

Cool Socks for Men Who Love to Support A Cause

It’s essential to find ways to help our community. And guys who champion and support others are amazing. Buying a pair of these socks will make a difference for a child, animal, or community. Thank you for your support.

1. Lucile Packard Heart Crew Sock

Proceeds go to The Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, which saves children in need of a transplant. The hospital kids created the art for these socks. See all the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital socks.

2. San Diego Zoo Ring-Tailed Lemur Crew Sock

Partnered with San Diego Zoo Global, MERGE4 donates 7% of the gross sales to the San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy to end extinction. See all the San Diego Zoo socks.

3. Jay Moriarity Cover Crew Sock

Proceeds go to The Jay Moriarity Foundation, which promotes a healthy, happy lifestyle. #LiveLikeJay A famous surfer who dropped a 35-foot wave off Mavericks Beach and the Chasing Mavericks movie's inspiration.

Want to see more cool socks for men? Shop MERGE4’s complete collection of crew socks. 

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