Everything You Need to Know About Compression Socks

Did you know all MERGE4 sublimated socks are constructed with a non-medical grade, graduated compression? If you’ve never needed leg or ankle compression for medical reasons, athletic performance or just added comfort, you might not know the benefits of a good pair of compression socks. MERGE4 has an array of compression socks for men and compression socks for women that can be beneficial for sports, travel, and to generally promote better circulation. MERGE4 compression socks feature a nonmedical 15-20mmHg compression that is great for everyday comfort.

What do compression socks do?

Compression socks gently squeeze the legs at varied intervals to help promote movement of the blood and to prevent blood pooling and clotting – like a gentle hug all day long! Since blood flow is fighting gravity when returning to the heart from the legs, blood can occasionally hover in the veins and decrease nutrient flow to the legs. Compression socks offer a light hug for your legs that slightly increases pressure in the veins and keeps blood moving.

When should you wear compression socks?

Compression socks can be worn in almost any situation and offer a wide range of useful applications:

  • Aid with circulation for nurses who are on their feet for long hours and constantly on the move.
  • Great for travel and when you know you’ll be stationary for a long period of time.
  • Help with comfort and circulation during athletic training.

Compression socks for high-performance training

Compression socks can help muscles recover after training or working out and prevent dangerous clotting or swelling. Whether you’re training for your next marathon, or walking around the block, you might be surprised in the added comfort and performance a bit of compression offers!

Compression socks for nurse

We love our nurses! They make the world go round, but with that comes long hours and nurses can be on their feet for 12 hours or more at a time. MERGE4’s compression socks for nurses are the perfect way to add comfort and some personal style to a good pair of scrubs. Compression socks can help regulate circulation and decrease the likelihood of clots and blood pooling, which is super beneficial for nurses. Compression socks can be great whether you work in a slow private practice or a packed ER. Any medical professionals that would like to get themselves a pair of MERGE4 socks are also eligible for exclusive discounts on our site through VerifyPass.

Compression socks for women

Compression socks can also be worn during pregnancy to encourage blood flow in the legs and ankles and can help with preventing blood pooling and swelling while women are carrying the extra weight that comes with pregnancy.

Compression socks for women can also help with the appearance of varicose veins which can be uncomfortable and sometimes a source of self-consciousness.

Additionally, compression socks can be beneficial for travel and long commutes – a useful application for both men and women!

Compression socks for men

The best compression socks for traveling will be effective at maintaining good circulation while in the car, on a train or during air travel. Calf muscles are responsible for sending blood back to the heart to be oxygenated, but when the calf muscles aren’t in use, they become less effective at maintaining circulation. When you sit for long periods of time while commuting, on a bus, train, or plane your muscles sit dormant. Compression socks for travel can help push blood through the veins and keep a healthy amount of blood circulating through the legs.

Compression socks for men can be worn during and after training to help circulate the blood through the legs and ankles. After training legs can be sore and swell but wearing compression socks can help minimize soreness and swelling.

Compression socks for men can also decrease the appearance of varicose veins and help maintain comfort and minimize swelling in blood vessels.

Compression socks are for everyone!

The truth is compression socks are for everyone! MERGE4’s compression socks are great for training, travel, working, commuting, men, women, and everyone in between. MERGE4's cool socks were designed for comfort and our compression is just one of many amazing features to keep you feeling good wherever your adventures may take you. A light to medium graduated compression can promote circulation, reduce the risk of blood clots, and minimize swelling. If you want to get yourself into a pair of MERGE4 socks you can shop all sublimated designs on www.merge4.com