Get the Live Blondie Experience with MERGE4 Performance Socks for Coachella

MERGE4 and Blondie at Cochella
MERGE4 is so happy we have Blondie socks. Blondie will be at this year’s Coachella Music Festival. Our performance socks feature licensed iconic art from the legendary band that are the perfect socks for the Coachella experience. Whether you are listening to “Call Me” or “Rapture” MERGE4 socks will offer your feet maximum comfort for long days on the polo grounds or just cruising around town.
MERGE4 Blondie Socks
MERGE4’s signature “cult weave” technology ensures a secure fit that won’t slip to your ankles throughout the day. The MERGE4 X Blondie socks also have compression which keeps you dancing harder for longer. They are designed with comfort in mind, while providing awesome breathability, moisture wicking capabilities and padded soles. Perfect for those long days in the Indio sun!
Bondie and MERGE4 at Cochella
Blondie is a trailblazer, emerging in the punk rock scene and Debbie Harry continues to prove that women can rock as hard as the boys! She continues to defy expectations and push boundaries with her music and style. And like Blondie, these MERGE4 socks perform as hard as they do and are designed to make a statement. Put a pair on, your feet will thank you!
MERGE4 Blondie Sock Collection
The MERGE4 X Blondie socks come in three styles. Visit us at the Tovar and Otis booth by the DoLaB while at Coachellla. You won’t be disappointed.
MERGE4 x Blondie AKA Crew Socks are more than just a stylish accessory - they're a symbol of the band's lasting impact on music and culture.

Officially licensed MERGE4 x Blondie socks to pay tribute to Blondie. One Way Or Another Blondie Socks keeps on rocking and we've got the socks to show it!


Blondie's greatest Hits all on one pair of performance crew socks from MERGE4! Designed to pay tribute to the legendary rock band, these socks feature a colorful and eye-catching design that's sure to turn heads.
MERGE4 Blondie 3-Pack of officially licensed Blondie socks to pay tribute to the most commercially successful band to emerge from the New York punk/new wave scene of the late ‘70’s

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