How High-Quality Custom Socks Can Increase Your Customer Reach

Many companies are utilizing branded merchandise, like high-quality custom socks, to increase their customer reach. Whether it is sold or given away as a promotion, branded merchandise can be a powerful branding tool.

Businesses give away promotional products because they have the highest advertising recall, surpassing print, television, and online advertising. Companies maximize exposure when their customers, clients, and employees wear their company logo, brand messaging, or slogan. 

According to Forbes, branding should ultimately boost profits, and merchandising can increase product sales. 85% of people do business with the company after receiving a promotional product. And in 2019, Americans spent $24.2 billion on promotional products. Branded merchandise can:

  • Create customer loyalty
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Generate quality leads
  • Increase trust in your business
  • Increases morale among employees
  • Create a relatable identity

But not all merchandising is of excellent quality. In fact, a lot of merchandising products look cheap, fall apart, or melt away in the wash. This can be counterproductive if your audience never wears your merchandise. We’ll explain why you’ll want to invest in quality and why custom socks make the best, branded merchandise.

Quality is Important

If it isn’t made well, your consumers and employees won’t wear it. And more importantly, the quality of your branded merchandise reflects the quality of your company1 in 5 people will throw away an unwanted promotional product—if they can feel the quality, they’re more likely to keep it.

When 58% of consumers keep promotional giveaways for 1 to 4 years, you’ll want your custom product to last.

Why High-Quality Custom Socks Are the Best Choice for Branded Merchandise

Wearable merchandise is the number one preferred category for promotional branded merchandise. But why are socks better than a shirt or cap? Socks appeal to a broader audience for several reasons:

One Size Fits All

You won’t need to deal with variable sizes. You can purchase high-quality custom socks in a standard size that fits most women and men. With custom socks, you can forget the headache of sizing and running out of a particular size. Socks are easy to hand out and are easy impulse buys for most people.


Socks are practical accessories. Everyone needs socks. 73% of men wear socks almost every day, and 41% of women also wear socks—making it the most useful accessory. 

77% of consumers say usefulness is the number one reason to keep a promotional product. And 69% of consumers would buy branded merchandise if they thought the product was useful. A high-quality custom sock will find its way onto your audience’s feet.

Personal Fashion Statement

Socks are becoming a statement piece in fashion—especially for men. The sock industry is growing 10% every year, and the global sock market is estimated to reach $24 billion by 2025. Why the increase? Socks are becoming the new necktie for men. It is an accessory where individuals can show color and personality. 

When your brand reflects their personality, they will want to show their loyalty. A Harvard Business Review study found that 64% of consumers said they shared the same values with the brands they buy. That’s far and away the largest driver for brand relationship and loyalty.

Are your socks an expression of your personality? MERGE4 sells a huge collection of unique, quality socks from a growing list of talented collaborators.

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Why MERGE4 Makes the Best High-Quality Custom Socks

MERGE4 is your premier manufacturer of high-quality custom socks. We work personally with you to ensure complete satisfaction with your branded socks. Whether you need a promotional item or branded socks for merchandising, MERGE4 offers high quality comfort for an affordable price.

Quality You Can Feel

MERGE4 crew socks stand out in a crowd. Standard features of all our custom socks include:

  • A Cult Weave to ensure graphics won’t blow out.
  • The stay-put cuff keeps the sock from sliding down.
  • A seamless heel and toe deliver maximum comfort.
  • The elastic arch support keeps the sock from sliding and bunching.
  • The moisture-wicking sole offers superior breathability.

Our standard crew sock is made from:

  • 32% Cotton
  • 30% Polyester
  • 35% Nylon
  • 3% Lycra

Made for everyday comfort, these socks will become your consumer’s favorite pair. 

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Customized Details That Are Standard With Every Order

MERGE4 is all about detail. It’s our attention to detail that makes our socks some of the highest quality on the market. Our customers appreciate our attention and commitment to producing superior custom socks. 

Fortune Cookie Quote

A unique feature of MERGE4 socks is our fortune cookie Quote. You can customize a message to go under the cuff of your custom sock that reflects your company or event for no additional cost. 

Logo and Artwork

MERGE4 can place your logo and art on the most visible area of the sock. When 83% of consumers can recall a promotional item’s advertiser, it’s essential to make it visually appealing. 

Our in-house graphic designers will work with you to craft two to three mockups using your logo and artwork to ensure you’re happy with the design–all free of charge. Once you’re satisfied with your design, you can place an order.

Low Minimums

MERGE4’s minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 150 units. We also offer discounted pricing tiers for larger quantities. To learn more about our pricing tiers, contact MERGE4

Fast Turnaround & On-Time Delivery

Once you place your order, MERGE4 will deliver your custom socks within 60 days. We offer a fast turnaround to ensure you have your branded socks in time for tradeshows, events, festivals, and product launches.

Ready to get started on your branded sock? Contact MERGE4 to get a quote.

Customers Who Rave About Our Custom Socks

MERGE4 has made high-quality custom socks for a variety of customers. Check out some of our clients’ favorite designs:

Joe Bonamassa

He wanted to expand his product offering with a merchandised sock for retail.

Jetfuel Cannabis Socks

Jetfuel wanted to add a sock to their branded clothing and accessories line.

Altamont Beer Works Maui Waui Socks

Altamont Beer Works wanted to add a branded sock to sell at their brewery store and online.

Want to see more samples? Check out these cool custom socks we’ve done for other clients.

Increase your Audience Reach With High-Quality Custom Socks from MERGE4

Are you ready to increase your audience reach, boost brand visibility, and create more leads? Branded merchandise, like high quality branded socks, is an excellent, cost-effective way to raise brand awareness and garner consumer loyalty. But remember, quality is critical. 

To guarantee your branded socks are worn, you’ll need to invest in the quality. It not only reflects the quality of your company but also ensures that consumers will want to wear it. And high-quality, custom socks can be a fashion accessory that promotes your company while expressing the individual’s personality.

MERGE4 is a leading manufacturer of custom socks. If you have an upcoming event or want to add some branded socks to your retail store, contact MERGE4 to learn more about pricing and availability.