MERGE4: How To Keep Your No-Show Socks From Slipping

How To Keep Your No-Show Socks From Slipping?

Do you love the look of your no-show socks, but the heel keeps slipping? Are your socks bunched up in your shoes as we speak? I guess that’s an unfortunate way to get arch support. If this is true, you’re wearing a low-quality no-show sock, or you’ve paired them with the wrong type of shoe.

Either way, we can help. At MERGE4, we know how to make a quality no-show sock that won’t keep slipping off your heel. And we know some hacks to help keep your other no-show socks from slipping.  

The Best Way to Keep No-Show Socks from Slipping

This may come as a shock, but the secret to keeping no-show socks from slipping or bunching is to buy high-quality no-show socks. Hey, friends don’t let friends buy bad socks. 
When picking out a pair of no-show socks to wear, you’ll want to:

1. Select the Right Fabric for the Shoe Type
The shoes you wear will influence what kind of no-show sock fabric will work best. For flats, loafers, and heels, you’ll want to wear thin socks made from a smooth material like nylon or bamboo. These fabrics will glide easily inside your shoe without bunching or creating bulk.
For sneakers or shoes with more coverage, you’ll want a woven fabric like cottonRepreve, or plant-based dye blend that will hold even during moderate to high activity.
Even more critical, you’ll want your no-show sock to have light compression that gently hugs your feet. Fabrics that compress to your foot will mold and hold tight to your feet. All of MERGE4 no-show socks have light compression woven for optimal fit. 

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2. Make Sure the No-Show Sock Has Coverage
A good rule of thumb is the lower the coverage, the higher probability it’s going to slide and bunch. Yes, those minimal no-show socks are hidden inside your shoe… crowded into your arch, but they are hidden. You’ll have to decide which you value more, uncomfortable arch support or a peek-a-boo sock?  

The best no-show socks curve just under the ankle to provide the most support while providing low visibility in most shoes. 

3. Buy the Right Size
If the no-show sock offers sizing, then buy the correct size for your feet. This is not something you want to compromise. If the sock is too big or too small, it will slide off your foot. A properly fit sock will mold to your foot without tugging or extra fabric. 

4. Wear No Show Socks with Silicone Grips
This is essential. If your no-show sock doesn’t have silicone grip around the lip, they will definitely struggle to stay up. The silicone strip holds to your skin even when you’re working out. If your socks have silicone grip and begin to slide, there may be something stuck to the grips that will need to be clean off. 

Silicone grips need to hold to a dry surface. If you just lotioned, then the silicone will be wet and less reliable. Make sure your lotion has dried before putting on your socks.

DIY Hack for Silicon Grips
If your socks don’t have silicon grip, that’s a bummer, but you can make your own…sorta. Many DIYers swear by Clothing Tape. Apply a strip of tape around your ankle, then slide on your sock and secure it to the tape. It will hold pretty well.
Of course, you might go through a lot of tape and might need to reapply during the day, but hey, you made it work. Of course, we think you should invest in some quality no-show socks that stay on without the fuss. But keep buying that tape.
Need more silicon grip in your life? Shop MERGE4 no-show socks for women. 
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MERGE4: The best no-show socks have deep heels so they don’t slide.

5. Wear No-Show Socks with a Deep Heel Pocket for Ultimate Hold
This is the secret to keeping your no-show sock from slipping. When there is a deep heel with good side-stitching in the sock, the sock can securely hold around the heel and keep from sliding. Add a bit of light compression, and the sock isn’t going anywhere.

DIY Hack for a Shallow Heel Pocket

Yup, you bought a lousy pair of no-show socks, and a shallow heel will always keep slipping. Some DIYers swear by cutting out your sock’s heel to create a sling that will hold around the ankle. Cutting your sock up sounds like a terrible idea to us, but your sock is already garbage, so you got nothing to lose. 

Simple, take a pair of scissors and cut out the heel but leave the cuff intact so that your heel is naked inside the shoe. You can pull on the sock and adjust the cuff around your ankle while your heel goes commando.

6. Look for a Terry Cotton, Padded Sole for Moisture Wicking and Added Support
Not a common feature but an essential one if you want your socks to stay in place. Socks with terry cotton, padded sole have moisture-wicking ability to keep your feet dry, which will curb sliding. Also, by having more support in the sole, the sock will fit your foot better and hold the sock in place.

7. Make sure the No-Show Sock has a Soft, Flexible Cuff
A soft, flexible cuff can slip easily into your shoe without bunching or shifting. When the cuff is too stiff, the sock becomes susceptible to movement from the shoe. This can twist and bunch your sock into an uncomfortable mess. 

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The Best No-Show Socks for Women that Never Slide

Here are some of our favorite no-show ankle socks for women that hug to your feet all day long without bunching or sliding.

San Diego Zoo Baby Elephant No Show Socks for Women
Not only do these adorable socks go with everything, but they also support a good cause. MERGE4 donates a portion of the sales to help save natural habitats for animals.

Leopard Print No Show
Let out your inner wild side with these Leopard Print No Show socks. They are complete with all the MERGE4 tech you've come to know and love. Elastic arch supports and hand-linked toes and heels ensure you'll be walking in comfort all day long. 

Hannah Minck Donut Worry No Show Socks
Bright and full of personality, the Donut Worry No Show socks are sure to bring a smile to her face. MERGE4 socks have padded soles, light compression, silicon grip, and a fortune cookie cuff.

Endless Summer No Show Socks
The officially licensed Endless Summer sunset movie artwork celebrates warm summer nights and perfect beach days. With a black cuff, these no-show socks go with everything.

MERGE4 is a socially conscious B corporation that believes in making quality socks you’ll love while doing good in our community. We make no show socks from premium fabrics with silicon grip, deep heels, light compression, and padded soles to offer the softest, most comfortable no-show socks.

Want to see more no-show socks for men and women? Check out MERGE4’s complete line of no-show socks.
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