Introducing MERGE4's latest release of the Iration socks

MERGE4 Iration Sock Collection
Get ready to celebrate as MERGE4 proudly announces its collaboration with the sounds of the island and reggae band, Iration. We are thrilled to bring you a collection of exciting new designs, perfectly timed for their upcoming tour. This collaboration blends MERGE4's performance-driven features with the vibrant spirit of Iration, delivering the essence of the aloha spirit right to your feet!

Nola Peacock

Featuring poster artwork from Iration’s “Live from Paradise” tour, take a piece of Iration’s live performance every wear you go with these comfy MERGE4 socks.
MERGE4 Nola Iration Sock

Easy Diamond

Take it easy in the coziest socks around, featuring Iration’s Easy Diamond logo in a variety of bright, beautiful colors (additional information: this logo came later in their career, around the time of the album coastin' and possibly when they made the switch to one singer).
MERGE4 Easy Diamond Iration Sock

Time Bomb

Show your love for Iration and their music in style by wearing MERGE4 X Iration socks, featuring artwork from Iration’s classic album, “Time Bomb.”
MERGE4 Time Bomb Iratiion Sock
The long-awaited collaboration between MERGE4 and Iration has arrived, and it's time to celebrate! With the Nola Peacock, Easy Diamond, and Time Bomb releases, you have the opportunity to blend performance-based socks with the infectious melodies of Iration. Get ready to step into a world where style and music intertwine, and let your feet become a reflection of your passion and love of the aloha spirit.
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