MERGE4 Celebrates a Remarkable Journey: Partnering with Skateboarder Minna Stess

Welcome to MERGE4 Minna Stess

MERGE4 Welcomes Minna Stess

MERGE4 socks is proud to announce a new partnership with skateboarder Minna Stess. This collaboration is a celebration of Minna's awe-inspiring journey, as MERGE4 has closely followed her skateboarding evolution from a young age, and today, we stand excited to witness her flourishing into the world-class athlete she is and will undoubtedly continue to be.

As Minna Stess captivated the skateboarding scene with her raw talent and unwavering dedication, some of the MERGE4 team was there from the early days, rooting for her every achievement and progression. This collaboration signifies more than just a partnership; it symbolizes a heartfelt connection between a brand that values authentic self-expression and a skateboarder who embodies the spirit of fearlessness.

"We've had the privilege of watching Minna Stess grow and evolve into the incredible athlete she is today," said Cindi Busenhart, founder and CEO at MERGE4. "Minna's journey has been nothing short of inspiring, and her commitment to pushing her boundaries aligns seamlessly with MERGE4’s values. This collaboration allows us to honor her remarkable story while inspiring others. Minna kicks ass!"

The MERGE4 x Minna Stess collaboration will showcase art by Kayla Caballero, skateboard legend Steve Caballero’s daughter, designed exclusively for her. The design will feature bats and donuts on MERGE4’s performance socks. "I have always loved my MERGE4 fam and they have always been so supportive of me since I was a little SF Bay Area skater. Having my own sock means a lot to me and I’m super stoked on it!“ shared Minna Stess.

 MERGE4 Minna Stess Sock Front View
MERGE4 Minna Stess Sock Back View
MERGE4 Minna Stess Sock Side View

The upcoming collaboration between MERGE4 and Minna Stess is eagerly anticipated by those who have followed her growth as a skateboarder. These performance socks will serve as a medium to convey Minna's story and MERGE4's commitment to producing socks that are as unique and exceptional as the individuals who wear them.

For updates and news about the upcoming MERGE4 x Minna Stess collaboration, stay connected with MERGE4 and Minna Stess on social media and visit the us online at

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