MERGE4 Latest Stop: Mammoth Village Feel Good Festival in Support of Bradley's House

MERGE4 at Mammoth Village FestivalJarrett Orr of the Nowell Family Foundation, MERGE4 ambassador Joaquin Sahagun, MERGE4 CEO Cindi Busenhart and Jakob Nowell in the MERGE4 booth
Last weekend, MERGE4 had the incredible opportunity to be a part of Mammoth Village Feel Good Festival. This event, featuring beer tasting, live music, and a lively atmosphere, brought together music lovers and beer enthusiasts from all over. As a brand known for its passion for music, art, and sustainability, MERGE4 was located next to 805 Beer, and the highlight of the festival was the performance by the band Jakob's Castle. Jakob Nowell is the son of the late Sublime frontman Bradley Nowell. Through this event, Mammoth Village Feel Good Festival actively supported the non-profit organization, Bradley's House, which provides addiction recovery services to the music community. MERGE4 has Bradley’s House Socks in our collection where a percentage of proceeds goes to the nonprofit.

Pick up some socks to support Bradley's House 

Supporting Bradley's House: Inspired by the legacy of Bradley Nowell, the Nowell Family Foundation aims to address the critical issue of addiction within the music industry. By combining the strength of the industry and the support of those who have been touched by the power of music, the foundation is raising funds to establish Bradley's House—a six-bed recovery facility that will provide treatment for individuals in the music industry struggling with opioid addiction, regardless of their financial situation. Through partnerships across the nation, this initiative is driven by the foundation's commitment to offering top-level clinical care, including medical detox and the ability to treat even the most acute cases.
Jakob's Castle front man Jakob Nowell

Jakob Nowell, the son of Bradley Nowell of Sublime
As the festival's headliner on Saturday, June 17th, Jakob's Castle delivered a sensational performance that captivated the audience. Led by Jakob Nowell, son of the legendary Bradley Nowell, the band is making waves with its unique sound and aesthetic that blends the carefree spirit of 90s Southern California with the edgy influences of modern underground internet culture.
Jakob Nowell rocking MERGE4 Socks

Jakob's Castle effortlessly combines the laid-back essence of Southern California's past with the raw grit of today's underground scene. It's a sound that resonates with both nostalgic listeners seeking a taste of the 90s and those embracing the cutting-edge sounds of the present.
MERGE4 Booth at Mammoth Music Festival
MERGE4's participation in the Mammoth Village Feel Good Festival alongside 805 Beer and Jakob's Castle was a true celebration of music, community, and supporting a meaningful cause. Through Bradley House, MERGE4 continues to demonstrate its commitment to the well-being of the music industry and those affected by addiction. Moreover, Jakob's Castle showcased their exceptional talent and their ability to bridge the gap between past and present, delivering a truly unique musical experience. As the festival ended, people definitely left feeling good!
Jakob Nowell showing off his MERGE4 Socks
MERGE4 extends a sincere and heartfelt thank you to Vincenzo Amato for his outstanding work in organizing and hosting an extraordinary event. We are immensely grateful for his efforts in providing a platform that brings together artists and brands to create a positive impact within the music community.
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