MERGE4 Launches Line of REPREVE® Recycled Plastic Bottle Socks


January 8, 2020. For Immediate Release.

MERGE4 has launched their new line of REPREVE® socks, made from recycled polyester. Each pair of the brand’s newly released crew-style socks is made from the equivalent of two single use plastic bottles.

REPREVE® transforms recycled bottles into a usable fiber through a process that embeds properties like moisture-wicking, adaptive warming and cooling, water repellent, and more at the fiber level for reliable, durable quality. MERGE4 combines these properties with a Nylon blend to give the socks elasticity and a soft hand-feel.

Beyond recycling single use materials, the REPREVE® production process also offsets using new petroleum, reducing the greenhouse gas emissions and water and energy typically used when producing “virgin fiber”.

“Our new REPREVE® socks are part of a greater initiative of incorporating more environmentally friendly materials in our products,” said MERGE4 founder and CEO, Cindi Busenhart, “We’re excited to be making another step towards our goal of being 100% sustainable by 2022.”

MERGE4’s line of REPREVE socks are available for purchase through select retailers and from

Repreve recycled plastic bottle crew socks for men

A note on micro plastics

All synthetic materials used in high performance apparel release tiny pieces of plastics – or microfibers – when washed, which can make their way into oceans and through the food chain. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable with any synthetic fiber, however there are some measures consumers can take to reduce the amount of microfibers released in washing:

  • Wash at lower temperatures and reduce spin speeds
  • Use a front-loading washing machine if possible (a Patagonia study found front-loaders release less microfibers)
  • Use a Guppy Friend or Cora Ball in your washing machine to collect microfibers that shed during washing

Source: 5 Gyres Institute

About MERGE4

MERGE4 is a Certified B Corporation based out of Santa Cruz, California that makes high quality graphic socks. Beyond magnificent in appearance, style and comfort, MERGE4 socks are constructed like no other. Your soles are GRIPPED by MERGE4’s deviously interesting ‘CULT-WEAVE’. The ‘CULT-WEAVE’ works to cushion the ‘arch’ area of the foot. YES, you heard correctly; MERGE4 “GRIPS YOUR SOLE”.


Made by Unifi, Inc. (NYSE: UFI), REPREVE® is the global leader in branded recycled performance fibers, transforming more than 15 billion plastic bottles into recycled fiber for new clothing, shoes, home goods and other consumer products. REPREVE is the earth-friendly solution to making consumers' favorite brands more environmentally responsible. Found in products from many of the world's leading brands, REPREVE fibers can also be enhanced with Unifi's proprietary technologies for increased performance and comfort. For more information about REPREVE, visit, and connect with REPREVE on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. REPREVE® is a trademark of Unifi, Inc.