MERGE4 Releases Collaboration with Skateboarding Legends

Santa Cruz-based sock company, MERGE4, is pleased to announce a new collaborative sock design with not one, but two legends from the skateboarding world – influential skate photographer and co-founder of Transworld Skateboarding Magazine, Grant Brittain, and former professional skateboarder and founder of Santa Cruz Bicycles, Rob Roskopp. 

The collaborative sock design features Grant’s iconic shot of Rob Roskopp’s fakie thruster over the channel at the Mt. Trashmore Contest in 1986 in Virginia Beach. This dynamic photo is one of the many analog era shots that demonstrates why Grant is one of the most widely-recognized skateboard photographers on the planet.

“I was fortunate to have been present during the 1980’s and the Golden Age of Skateboarding,” said Grant Brittain, “I was able to document some of the best skateboarders of that era and Rob Roskopp was one of the best skaters to have ever stepped on a board.”

“Grant’s iconic photos prove that he’s one of the best out there,” said Rob Roskopp who is also a MERGE4 shareholder and board member, “I’m thankful he got a few shots of me during my skateboarding era.”

Rob Roskopp

The socks are sublimated using MERGE4’s signature Cult Weave to prevent the graphics from becoming stretched or warped when the socks are worn, and made with textile technology that supports an action-based lifestyle, including moisture wicking soles, light compression to promote healthy circulation, and elastic arch support to cushion every movement.

“We’re honored to have a sock design with Grant and even more awesome having it be with one of our Board Members, Rob Roskopp,” said MERGE4 CEO and Founder, Cindi Busenhart, “MERGE4 has its own version of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon – it’s all about constantly bringing new people into our circle, taking care of them and spreading the positivity, and we’ve been able to scale that as we grow as a brand.”

The MERGE4 X J. Grant Brittain’s Rob Roskopp socks are now available to preorder at:

About MERGE4  

MERGE4 was built on the foundation of using business as a force for doing good in the world. From the very beginning, we’ve operated as a Certified B Corporation, making sure we focus just as much effort on people and the planet as we do on profits. We’re proud to say we’re more than just a sock company. We empower artists, athletes, and musicians through meaningful collaborations. We partner with nonprofits to make socks that benefit causes from endangered species to pediatric transplant patients. And we’ve built a diverse family of brand ambassadors that share this common vision of merging together for positive change. From the moment you purchase your first pair of MERGE4 socks, you’re part of this awesome family and journey towards a more sustainable, inclusive, and ethical future. For more information, visit

About Grant Brittain

Grant Brittain was one of the first professional skate photographers to make a living photographing skateboarding. He began shooting in 1979 at Del Mar Skate Ranch where he shot a fleet of professional skateboarders including Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, and many others. Grant was a co-founder of Transworld Skateboarding Magazine and was the Photo Editor and Senior Staff Photographer there for 20 years. Prints of Grant’s photography can be purchased on his website at and his new book, Push is available for purchase from Gingko Press

About Rob Roskopp

Rob Roskopp is a former professional skateboarder with one of the 1980’s most legendary signature decks, the Jim Phillips-designed Santa Cruz Rob Roskopp. In addition to skateboarding, Rob is also one of the most influential figures in mountain biking and is the founder of Santa Cruz Bicycles. Rob is currently a MERGE4 Board Member and shareholder.