Get MERGE4 Tovar & Otis socks and clothing only at the Coachella Founder’s Booth

Tovar and Otis

 Founder of Goldenvoice Concerts

Gary Tovar is the original founder of Goldenvoice Concerts, the entity that produces Coachella and Stagecoach music festivals. Do a quick Google search to learn of Gary’s infamous past and how he changed the global music scene from the ground up.
Tovar and Otis Art
Artist and merch designer, Bad Otis Link met Gary at the first Goldenvoice concert in 1981 in Santa Barbara. The two soon began creating unique hand printed shirts, posters, flyers, etc. to promote the early Goldenvoice concerts. Because of the extremely limited runs, these shirts have become some of the rarest music collectables available. Tovar and Otis continue their old school Goldenvoice tradition right here with limited run, one-of-a-kind, all hand-printed and painted garments for you to enjoy!
Tovar and Otis Art
Now, Santa Cruz based sock brand, MERGE4 has teamed up with Tovar & Otis for a limited collection of socks and apparel exclusively available at the Coachella Founder’s Booth. Grab some swag to celebrate the legacy that started it all.
Search "Gary Tovar" and "Bad Otis Link" to learn more concert and art history along with some other notorious facts. “Hammer Down"