Performance socks for feet in action

Photos of athletes roller skating, skateboarding, biking, and snow boarding in MERGE4 socks

If you're an athlete, socks are likely already an integral part of your adventures. A good pair of socks is imperative to maintaining comfort and performance in outdoor activities, from skateboarding to mountain biking. Even when you are kicking back and relaxing on a day off with some aggressive couch surfing, a pair of socks can accentuate your personal style and keep you motivated for your next adventure. We like to think that our socks combine the best of both worlds.

They are crazy comfortable, uniquely and technically designed for feet on the go and speak out with a message to everyone - from punk rockers to soul surfers. If you are an athlete or an action hero always on the go, we have the perfect pair for the adventures waiting just around the corner. The benefits of a good pair of socks are abundant. Comfy feet help you perform at your best. Performance socks cut down the friction in your shoes and keep your feet from sliding around uncomfortable. And let's face it, we are all human - sometimes feet get a little sweaty. Moisture wicking fabrics keep feet dry and warm (or cool) and technical blends, like bamboo, are anti-bacterial and keep the malodorous scents away. Socks that fit properly, and more importantly made properly, stay in the place and will not rub or bunch. Our MERGE4 socks help protect your feet from impact and pressure and can absorb shock. Your soles are GRIPPED by our deviously interesting "CULT-Weave". They are designed with a unique blend of cotton, polyester, nylon and Lycra, ensuring a comfortable and adjustable fit. We took it a step further by designing our socks with real photos and one of a kind artwork. MERGE4 socks protect your feet during your adventures so that you are ready for the next. Wrap your feet in our socks and get out there and after it. Your feet will thank you.