Skyler the Surfing Dog on Netflix's Pet Stars

*See above Homer Henard surfing in his MERGE4 socks 

MERGE4 is so excited to announce that one of our cuddliest collaborators, Skyler the Surfing Dog, appears on a new Netflix original series, Pet Stars. Skyler and her awesome dog dad, Homer Henard, can be seen in front of the MERGE4 booth at the Surf Dog Event at Imperial Beach, CA. 

Skyler can be found shedding crazy waves up and down the California coastline, internationally, and on a super rad pair of MERGE4 socks

Most people wear MERGE4’s awesome socks for mountain and road biking, lifestyle, trail and road running and other strength and conditioning activities, but who would have thought that they’d be perfect for surfing with your amazingly talented pup!

If you want to catch Skyler’s shining moment on Netflix tune into season 1, episode 5: “Tides and Tails” at minute mark 12:33. We have the clip up on here on the MERGE4 Instagram too. We’re stoked to be on team Skyler and love to see her getting all the appreciation she deserves!

You can also check out Skyler's wicked MERGE4 socks here! These super cool socks are a unique collaboration with MERGE4 and Skyler the Surfing dog. The socks feature moisture-wicking technology, elastic arch support, and a hand-linked, seamless toe and heel.