Spidey De Montrond Joins MERGE4 As Athlete/Collaborator

MERGE4 is pleased to announce the addition of Spidey De Montrond to its growing stable of artist-athlete collaborators.

Rick De Montrond – better know as “Spidey” – started out as a sponsored amateur skateboarder and turned pro at The Capitola Street Style contest in 1985. As a sponsored skater Spidey represented some of the top companies in the action sports. He also consulted with these companies on marketing, public relations, advertising, talent acquisition and product development. He’s been a contributing writer for Thrasher Magazine and Freestylin BMX; doing interviews, music & concert reviews and personality profiles along with contributing photojournalism.

Spidey studied music formally; while he was in college he was signed to Capitol Records to a record deal as a singer/songwriter.

Spidey has always been fashion-forward – leaning toward eccentric preferences in everything he does from head to toe: “I am a sucker for a good looking sock. I LOVE SOCKS!!”

MERGE4 founder Cindi Ferreira Busenhart loves that Spidey loves socks: “Spidey cares about the planet and wanted something that was a soft eco yarn. Luckily we were already developing the Bamboo Blend which is 80% mechanical bamboo.”


The flexible, durable qualities of bamboo were perfectly summed up by the flexible, durable martial arts master Bruce Lee: “Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked while the bamboo survives by bending with the wind.”

Cindi Ferreira Busenhart couldn’t agree more with this philosophy: “MERGE4 Bamboo Blend is made from an amazingly soft, mechanically produced bamboo yarn that requires no chemicals, pesticides or fungicides. Our 100% mechanically processed bamboo yarn feels like cashmere. It is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, anti-static, breathable and thermal regulating (keeps you cool in hot weather and warm in cool weather) even after multiple washes.”

These are the days of miracles and wonders, and the MERGE4 Bamboo Blend exhibits these miraculous, wonderful qualities:

• Keeps feet dry/moisture wicking

• Odor reducing/eliminating

• Sustainable/Green

• Temp management (similar to wool – cooler in the

  heat and warmer in cold weather)

• Hypoallergenic

• Soft – super-good feel but also surprisingly durable.

About MERGE4:

Merge4 is a sock company based out of Santa Cruz, California that is a Certified B Corporation that uses business as a force for doing good. Beyond magnificent in appearance, style and comfort, MERGE4 socks for the feets are constructed like no other. Your soles are GRIPPED by our deviously interesting ‘CULT-WEAVE’. MERGE4’s ‘CULT-WEAVE’ cushions what is sometimes called the ‘arch’ area. YES, you heard correctly; MERGE4 “GRIPS YOUR SOLE”.

For more information:


Instagram: www.instagram.com/merge4socks/

Twitter: twitter.com/@Merge4_

Facebook: www.facebook.com/merge4/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAJOypsovMThxGkF7fMnLJw