Don't Let a Broke Down Truck Ruin Your Trip - MERGE4's Socks Will Keep You Going

Coachella break down


Last week the MERGE4 team loaded up a large 25-foot box truck full of their best socks and set out from Santa Cruz, California to bring festival-goers at Coachella the very best in sock design and performance. Despite their enthusiasm, only 20 minutes away from their destination, the truck broke down in a sketchy place with barely any shoulder to park on.

Team MERGE4 is ready to rock and accessorize festival-goers at the Coachella Music Festival

As they waited seven hours for help to arrive and the semi-trucks whizzed by on Highway 10, the team made the most of it by taking in the stunning moonrise over the desert. Despite the setback, the team remained upbeat and positive, ready to deliver our beloved socks to festival-goers.

“We would have missed that epic orange moonrise over the desert if the truck didn’t break down.”
- Founder and CEO Cindi Busenhart 

After a long night, the team finally arrived at Coachella and set up the MERGE4 tent. The tent features a wide selection of sock designs inspired by the festival, including collaborations with artists Gary Tovar and Bad Otis Link. If you happen to be at Coachella, be sure to stop by and check out our collection.
So if you're looking for durable and comfortable socks for your own adventures, whether they involve a broke down truck or not, MERGE4 socks are the perfect choice. With their unique designs, superior performance properties, and commitment to sustainability, these socks are truly the best on the planet.

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