The Comfiest Ethical & Sustainable Eco Socks for Men

Ethical and sustainable fashion is our future. In fact, 49% of men ages 18-24 and 39% of men ages 25-45 are very supportive of ethical and sustainable fashion. To meet this growing demand, 12% of fashion manufacturers are shifting their production to more sustainable practices.

But it can't just be eco-friendly. 

Consumers want sustainable fashion that's affordable and comfortable. MERGE4 is a B Corporation committed to providing ethical and sustainable eco socks that are durable, comfortable, and affordable. 

MERGE4 offers four types of eco socks that are great for the environment while being the comfiest pair of socks on your feet.

4 Types of Eco Socks for Men That Deliver Maximum Comfort

At MERGE4, we source the best sustainable materials for our socks. When you value sustainability as we do, then you'll want to check out these socks.

MERGE4: Bamboo socks could be the softest ethical & sustainable eco socks.

Bamboo Socks

Bamboo yarn feels like cashmere on your feet. Bamboo socks are a better alternative to cotton socks for several reasons:

Bamboo uses less water and is naturally resistant to insects.

Bamboo is a self-sufficient crop that requires no irrigation because it uses water more efficiently than cotton. And because bamboo is naturally resistant to insects, it can be grown without pesticides. 

Bamboo is self-replenishing.

Bamboo is the fastest growing grass on the planet, making it a sustainable alternative to cotton. Bamboo sprouts on its own and rarely needs replanting. Bamboo can produce ten times more than cotton and be harvested 3-4 times a year.

Bamboo is softer and more substantial than cotton.

Viscose is a natural rayon fabric made from bamboo. It is hypoallergenic and less expensive than silk or cashmere but delivers the same degree of softness. It is also a stronger fabric than cotton, so it is more durable in the wash. 

100% mechanically processed bamboo is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and more breathable than cotton.

Bamboo is 40% more absorbent than cotton, making it a moisture wicking fabric that thermal regulating (keeps you cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather) even after multiple washes. 

100% mechanically processed bamboo has antimicrobial properties that make it anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. For socks, this is huge, because your feet won't smell. And being 100% mechanically processed means the bamboo is entirely environmentally friendly, unlike other bamboo processing methods.

MERGE4 Featured Bamboo Sock

Spidey Boat Stripe Bamboo Crew Sock

One of MERGE4's best selling bamboo crew socks, the Spidey Boat Stripe Crew Sock is buttery-soft and perfect for action sports.

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ALT IMG TEXT: MERGE4: Hemp/Tencel blend socks are incredibly durable, comfortable eco socks for men and women.

Hemp/Tencel Blend Socks

Eco-friendly hemp yarn and Tencel fiber are sourced from natural, renewable wood blended with combed cotton for superior comfort. A Hemp/Tencel blend sock is a better alternative to cotton because:

Hemp/Tencel Blend is softer and stronger than cotton.

The hemp fiber is softer while Tencel is durable and friction resistant, blended for premium comfort. Tencel also has a silky texture. A Hemp/Tencel Blend holds its shape, even after multiple washes. 

Hemp/Tencel Blend is more breathable and antimicrobial.

By combining the benefits of hemp and Tencel, it produces a breathable, anti-bacterial fabric. Hemp has a high capacity to absorb moisture and also easily releases the moisture. Tencel has good anti-bacterial and moisture-absorbing properties.

Hemp uses less water and no pesticides to grow.

Because hemp is as hardy as a weed, it requires very little water to grow and can produce almost double the amount of fiber than cotton. And because hemp is pretty resistant to insects, it doesn't need pesticides to grow.

MERGE4 Featured Hemp/Tencel Blend Sock

Tencel/Hemp Wood Grain Crew Sock

Our Tencel/Hemp Wood Grain Crew Sock's ultra-soft and unique design is sure to turn heads and get noticed. Affordable eco socks are always a good choice.

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Repreve socks are eco socks for men made from plastic bottles.

Repreve Socks

Repreve is a high-quality, certified recycled fabric made by Unifi, a global textile solutions company. Repreve partners with clothing manufacturers to create clothing and accessories made from recycled plastic bottles. The material is ultra-soft and incredibly durable. 

Partnered with MERGE4, you will not believe you are wearing plastic on your feet. Repreve fabric is an astonishing recycled material:

Made from 100% recycled materials.

To make the Repreve fiber, Unifi chops, washes, and melts recycled plastic bottles into a liquid polymer. It's then extruded to form a fiber that is spun into polyester, nylon, or resin yarn. And even more impressive is that the yarn is soft.

Has advanced performance technology woven into every sock.

Repreve eco socks utilize several advanced technologies that enable their yarn to be durable, stain-resistant, moisture-wicking, and extremely comfortable. Repreve is completely eco-friendly without sacrificing quality. 

Repreve socks are an affordable, sustainable eco socks.

What also makes Repreve eco socks even better is the price. You can save the planet and your wallet by wearing these socks. 

MERGE4 Featured Repreve Sock

Repreve Warm Sea Crew Sock

Help keep plastic bottles out of the ocean with our Repreve Warm Sea Crew Sock that puts plastic bottles comfortably on your feet and not in the water.

Check out MERGE4's exceptional Repreve socks.

Plant-Based Dye socks are an affordable, natural eco socks for men and women.

Plant-Based Dye Socks

Plant-Based Dye socks use liquid dyes from organic crops to significantly reduce wastewater, emissions, and energy use. The socks have a soft, beautiful color that emphasizes their natural source. But there are more benefits to Plant-Based Dye socks than just beautiful color:

Plant-based dye is nontoxic, nonallergic, and biodegradeable.

Because the dye is extracted from botanical plants, flowers, and fruits, it is much better for the environment. The dyes don't contain any chemical or carcinogenic components making them safe to wear. 

The dyes produce no waste.

Because Plant-Based Dyes are easy to extract and purify to create the dye, they leave no waste and are safe for the environment because they don't produce effluent, which is waste released into our rivers and oceans. Plant-Based Dyes are non-pollutant.

The dyes are extracted from renewable plant sources, leaving a tiny footprint on the environment.

Plant-based dye socks offer affordable comfort.

The MERGE4 Plant-Based Dye socks are incredibly comfortable. Their muted tones, a signature of responsibly dyed fabric, and durable weave make them a comfy, long-lasting sock for a very affordable price.

MERGE4 Featured Plant-Based Dye Sock

Morning Citrus Plant-Based Dye Crew Sock

Super soft cashmere-like eco socks for men and women, our Morning Citrus sock is set in earthy tones to make a statement about what matters most.

See the full line of MERGE4 Plant-Based Dye socks.

MERGE4 Makes Eco-Friendly Socks That You Love to Wear

Deeply committed to the environment and being a sustainable, eco sock company, MERGE4 offers a variety of eco socks for men and women. Because MERGE4 never compromises on quality, we look for sources that will benefit you and the environment. 

MERGE4 wants to be part of the solution by innovating and adopting environmentally responsible products. That's why all our packaging is plastic-free, and we strive to offer comfortable, affordable, ethical, and sustainable socks.

MERGE4 is a B Corporation Focused On Helping People and Our Planet

As a certified B corporation, MERGE4 meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance. We go above and beyond to part of the global shift towards an inclusive and sustainable economy

MERGE4 believes in doing good in the world. That's why we've partnered with amazing organizations that are on the front lines of helping our planet, endangered species, and children. Learn more about our give-back program.

Want to learn more about our sustainability efforts? Read our commitment to help usher in an ethical and sustainable future. 

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