The Pleasure Point Log Jam

MERGE4 at the Pleasure Point Logjam: Adding Flair and Fun with The Point Socks

The Pleasure Point Logjam rocked the waves once again, and it was epic! Longboarders and spectators came together for an unforgettable time. This year, MERGE4 turned up the fun with The Point socks for the swag bags. The Point socks designed by artist Slidertown, perfectly capturing the vibe of the break.

Pure Logjam Spirit

The Point socks from MERGE4 were an instant hit, tucked into the swag bags of most competitors. What made The Point socks so special? They totally embodied the essence of the Pleasure Point Logjam: fun, vibrant, and full of stoke. The colorful design by Slidertown were a perfect match for the contest. It was a perfect fit.

Big Thanks to the Log Jam

Thanks to everyone who made this year’s Pleasure Point Log Jam a massive success. Thanks to the Log Jam for also including MERGE4 once again.