Voting is an act of faith. The faith in the possibility of true democracy.

Voting isn’t always about politics, but it is about what really matters to you.

Your vote counts. It counts to defy fake Facebook ads. It counts if you’re a republican in San Francisco and a democrat in Wyoming. It counts if you believe the facts are indisputable that global warming is real. Your vote counts if you are part of a community that drives positive social and environmental change. Vote if you have concerns about the economy, immigration, and health care.

Just address the countries important issues, the important issues that matter to you and how you see it. Be informed! Do the research! Talk with people on social media, your school or any public forum and volunteer. Your work makes a difference! You make a difference!

Get out there and let your voice be heard by VOTING this November. Get your friends and family to get out there too! YOUR VOTE COUNTS!