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Steve Caballero

Steve practically teethed on grip-tape. Woven from the gnarly fabric of San Jose’s outer Eastside, deeply established and in the groove of skateboarding’s fledgling puberty during the mid to late ‘70s. He was a hard-core super-athlete about ready to burst the paradigm of skateboarding wide open. He was/is a trend-setting machine, with a keen eye for what has soul, what is cool and what is absolutely crap. His inner creativity is overwhelmingly powerful - music, painting, illustration, motorcycles, hot rods, and a furious dedication to constant personal and spiritual growth. Caballero holds many distinctions, from being the first to have his own signature brand shoe, the “Half Cab” to the longest continually selling signature model skateboard deck with Powell Peralta, a company he started with and remains with since 1979. His contributions and inspirations to musicians/skaters the world over are found in his numerous musical efforts with bands that include Faction, Odd Man Out, Shovelhead, Soda and peppered with a little Agent Orange during their 2012 tour.