Koa Rothman

“Koa” is a kind of Hawaiian hardwood, but also the Hawaiian word for "warrior," and Koa Rothman is living up to his name and his genetics by surfing hard around the globe, and hucking himself into the world's most dangerous waves like a Hawaiian water warrior should. Born on the North Shore, Koa Rothman grew up with the surf pumping in his veins and his ears. The son of Da Hui founder Eddie Rothman and brother of Makua Rothman, Koa upheld the family tradition and grew into a talented North Shore surfer who extended his talents from Pipeline to Teahupoo and beyond. In 2014, Koa Rothman won both the Tube and Wipeout of the Year at the Billabong XXL Event. More recently, Koa did his family and the family brand proud in January of 2017, when he got the wave of the contest then won Da Hui Backdoor Shoot Out - taking off super deep at Pipeline, disappearing behind a closing out curtain and getting blown out with the spit. There’s more to come from Koa – stay tuned.

Dave Nelson Koa Rothman
Dave Nelson Koa Rothman
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