Product Care


How do I wash my MERGE4 socks?

For best results, turn your socks inside-out when washing

Machine wash cool or warm

Tumble dry low or line dry if possible

MERGE4 socks look super cool, but won't the graphics stretch out when I wear them?

Nope! MERGE4 uses our signature Cult Weave with technically-advanced yarns to maintain the integrity of highly detailed graphics when our socks are worn and stretched.

Can women wear men's sock styles?

Absolutely! Our men's size mediums are the same as our standard women's size - which fits shoe sizes 5.5-9.5

What is your warranty policy for purchases?

Socks are tricky. We will gladly replace any items that are damaged due to a defect, rather than damaged due to everyday wear within 30 days of your purchase. If purchased in a dealer’s retail shop a receipt of purchase will be required to verify the purchase date from that authorized dealer.

Are MERGE4 socks sustainable?

We aim to integrate sustainability into every step of development by using responsibly-produced, recycled, and renewable materials whenever possible. Our goal is to be completely sustainable by 2024.


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