What socks to wear hiking

What socks to wear hiking

Having the best hiking socks to support you on a hike is key to maintaining your drive to get out and go. If you have socks that are falling down or sliding around in your shoes, a day of fun in nature could quickly turn into a week full of painful blisters. Here at MERGE4 we have created the best socks for hiking that support your feet and work with your shoes to keep you comfortable no matter where your adventures take you. We have infused our hiking socks with tech that cushions, hugs, ands keeps you dry because the last thing you need to be worried about it how your feet feel when you’re trying to enjoy the great outdoors. If you’ve ever asked yourself “what are the best socks to wear hiking?” we have the answer.

What makes the best hiking socks?

  1. Moisture-Wicking

MERGE4 thick hiking socks are built with fibers that wick moisture away from your feet, so you don’t feel weighed down by sweaty socks. Rather than holding onto the moisture your feet produce throughout a hike, our hiking socks are knitted in a way that repels any water content and effectively keeps your feet dry and cool.

  1. Stay-Put Cuffs

We know how annoying it is when your hiking socks won’t stay in place, so we designed the best hiking socks that will. You won’t have to think about readjusting your sock in your shoe or pulling in back up all day with MERGE4’s ‘stay-put’ cuff. Our design holds its position making them the best socks for hiking so you can play harder for longer.

  1. Cushioning

While you want to make sure your shoes have the right amount of padding to keep you comfortable, we wanted to double you up on comfort. MERGE4 hiking socks have luxuriously padded soles to help you push over any obstacle that you might be traversing.

  1. Compression

MERGE4 hiking socks have a light nonmedical grade compression that offers the perfect amount of hug to your feet. Compression helps promote circulation and flight blood pooling and clots. Healthy circulation is key to making sure you’re feeling good on your hikes and to keeping your body feeling awake and ready to go.

  1. Elastic Arch Support

Good hiking socks should have elastic arch support. The elastic arch support in MERGE4 socks helps to hold your feet where it counts most. Our socks’ elastic support help cradle and cushion your steps to absorb shock and align your feet as well as helps to evenly distribute body weight and reduce stress on the legs. This kind of support makes for the best hiking socks.

  1. Cooling Fibers

The best hiking socks are built with fibers that will keep your feet cool while you’re on the move. You want socks that will help regulate your temperature in hiking boots, and a long day of adventures. The best fiber for good hiking socks is COOLMAX® which has moisture-wicking technology and cooling properties.

What socks to wear hiking:

MEREG4 recently released two all new Trekker hiking socks designed to bring out the best in your hikes. These hiking socks feature moisture-wicking soles, ‘stay-put’ cuffs, padded soles, light compression, elastic arch supports, and an undeniably great look. Choose from our blue or black patterned thick hiking socks to help bring some style and comfort to a big day on the trail.

MERGE4 Trekker Quarter Crew Hiking Socks

Our new Trekker hiking socks are quarter crew length, making them perfect for hiking boots or tennis shoes. With the MERGE4’s signature ‘stay-put’ cuff you won’t have to worry about them falling down or sliding in your shoes. To help hold your feed and support your steps these good hiking socks have elastic arch support and padded soles that help to align your feet and take undue stress off of your legs.

These good hiking socks have everything you need to stay comfortable on a long hike. With features like hand-linked toes and heels, moisture-wicking soles, and elastic arch supports the best socks for hiking are made for supreme comfort. Plus, with COOLMAX® technology you’ll be feeling dry and cool on the warmest of days in the sun.


Trekker hiking socks sock in blue
MERGE4 Trekker Quarter Crew Socks in Blue
Trekker hiking sock in black
Trekker hiking sock in black
MERGE4 Trekker Quarter Crew Socks in Black

MERGE4 Crew Socks

Black and Gold Polka Dot Hiking Socks
MERGE4 Spidey Black and Gold Polka Dot Socks

MERGE4 crew socks are perfect for the high-performance hiker. MERGE4 crew height offers a little more coverage for walking through tall grass or brush and has more real estate to show off some of your awesome MERGE4 designs. ‘Stay-put’ cuffs ensure that you won’t need to pull up your socks throughout the day, so you can spend your time taking in the scenery. Elastic arch supports ensure that your steps will be supported and cradled through every mile.

MERGE4 No Show Socks

Kitty no show hiking socks
MERGE4 Dirk Vermin Kitty No Show Socks

If having your socks on display isn’t your style, go for no show hiking socks. No show socks are invisible below the shoe line and allow your ankles to breath in warmer weather. We recommend no shows as the best socks for hiking on lighter hikes and walks. Silicone grips ensure that your ankle socks won’t slip down in your show and elastic arch supports will help cushion every step.

MERGE4 Quarter Crew Socks

white and pink quarter hiking socks
MERGE4 White/Pink Quarter Crew Socks

Quarter length socks make great hiking socks. They fit comfortably in a hiking shoe or boot while maintaining style. MERGE4 quarter socks have padded soles to help cushion your steps and keep you going. You can also buy multipacks in a range of colors.

Materials to look for in great hiking socks

  1. COOLMAX® - COOLMAX® is a synthetic fiber that is designed to help you beat the heat with permanent moisture-wicking performance. Perfect for hiking, running and other sports, COOLMAX® moves moisture away from the skin and dries fast in warm conditions, helping keep you dry and cool no matter how hot the day. This vegan fiber is also a great non-wool alternative in hiking socks. MERGE4 COOLMAX® Trekker socks were designed with all of the benefits of the COOLMAX® fiber and all of the essential MERGE4 features like elastic arch support, padded soles, and hand-linked toes and heels.
  2. Nylon - Nylon is another great material to look for in hiking socks as it is durable and quite resistant. Nylon is ideal for making socks that undergo and a lot of stretching and pulling (like hiking socks!). The Nylon used in hiking socks gives the socks elasticity and more strength as they’re worn throughout the day. It is light in weight, wrinkle free, and very easy to wash.
  3. Polyester - Contrary to what many people may think, pure cotton socks are not ideal for hiking. Cotton socks hold on to moisture and don’t keep their shape during wear. The best hiking socks are made with a bit of cotton combined with a blend of other technical fibers. Polyester is a synthetic material that insulates, wicks moisture and dries quickly. It is sometimes blended with wool and/or nylon to create a good combination of warmth, comfort, durability, and fast drying.

How to wash your hiking socks:

MERGE4 hiking socks are built to last, but to get just a little extra life out of your thick hiking socks we have some tips to add a little bit more longevity to the best hiking socks. Taking care of your hiking socks is just like taking care of any other garment. There are care instructions to help make these fun hiking socks last longer and maintain their high-performance qualities.

To take the best possible care of your fun hiking socks, turn your hiking socks inside-out when you wash them. Machine wash your hiking socks with cool or warm water. Tumble dry your thick hiking socks on low or line dry your hiking socks if that’s an option.

Having the best socks for hiking is so important to maintaining your comfort on any hike. MERGE4’s selection of fun and high-quality hiking socks have moisture-wicking properties, light compression, padded soles, elastic arch supports and so much more that will help you stay comfortable on a long hike. If you are looking for good hiking socks or have wondered what the best hiking socks are or what socks to wear hiking, look no further because MERGE4 Trekker Quarter Crew socks are the best socks for hiking.