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These boat stripe crew socks are made with MERGE4's buttery-soft bamboo blend yarn. Anti-fungal, antimicrobial and soft on the feets - these bamboo socks are perfect for action sports, a day on the job and everyday adventures.

Let's go for a sail in the sun,
With some friends for some fun.
Wave 'Good bye' to the shore,
It's just a "Three-hour Tour."

About Spidey DeMontrond

Spidey DeMontrond has been all over the action sports landscape since his debut as a professional skater at The Capitola Street Style Contest in 1985. Fashion-forward with a keen eye for art direction, Spidey puts his own personal style into everything he creates.  


Mechanically-processed bamboo


Elastic arch support

Moisture-wicking sole

Naturally odor-repellent

Fortune Cookie Quote on inner cuff



80% Bamboo

10% Polyester

7% Nylon

3% Lycra


Weight: Heavy

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