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State-of-the-art and high-intelligence are considered magic by the fantasy-speakers of the current movement. It's time for them to slip into these and take a stand. If only the correct half of the brain could solve the mysteries of the perfect choice.
These artist-inspired socks feature vibrant colors and graphics by Santa Cruz-based artist, Scott Greathouse. Inspired, yet far from a duplicator, Scott likes colliding varying mediums, free from all rules. Creation through experimentation is the ideal process for him and his work is different because he needs it to be. Enjoy Scott's art on these 'Pallet' socks by MERGE4 and be inspired from the ground up.

About Scott Greathouse

Creation through experimentation is the ideal process for Scotty Greathouse, the creator and founder of IdeasForWalls.   Cherishing the freedom to wander artistically, He enjoys handmade things, imperfections, and exploring the creative world. Both talented and hardworking, his artwork runs worldwide. Aside from being an awesome artist, Scotty Greathouse goes above and beyond when it comes to kindness. He is one incredibly helpful and friendly soul who enjoys spending as much time as possible with his two sons, Branden and Lee.  

Combed cotton terry looped foot

Reinforced heel and toe

Elastic arch support

Cult Weave to prevent graphics from blowing out

Self-adjusting welt cuff

Fortune Cookie Quote on inner cuff

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